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    Gotta love when I get PMs...
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  2. R4zorax updated uSkyBlock with a new update entry:

    Challenge update release

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  3. WE and WG Core? or Bukkit for spigot u tested?
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  4. Would love to, but last time I checked, the latest version of FAWE is not yet compatible with the latest WE. Will look into it soon though.
  5. You are using some old (pre 1.13) config files (challenges.yml, levelConfig.yml and config.yml).

    Either nuke em, and start from the ones the plugin uses (just delete the files and do /usb reload), or boot up the latest 1.12 version of skyblock on your server running 1.12, and execute the "/usb import config-pre-1-13" command, the output will still need some tweaking by you, until it will work on 1.13.
  6. spigot v.1.12.2 -- uBkyBlock v.2.7.5

    I am resurrecting an old game I pulled off another server that I closed down and am updating it for spigot 1.12.2. Why not 1.13? Because a few of the plugins that I'm using are not updated for the latest.

    I am trying to delete old information from previous abandoned Islands in the islands sub-folder. When I delete them and start up the server again, they return to the folder again. I am trying to remove then while the server is shut down. I believe that I need to delete them because the files are named with the coordinates of the island and am afraid that uSkyBlock will not use these coords for new islands as new players come aboard. Besides, it is less confusion about what are legitimate island files and what are junk files.

    Can someone explain how to get rid of these files and why I can't just delete them?
  7. its easier to purge 0 all those files becouse i know like world guard multiverse also keep part of the information and when you delete allways first stop the server then delete becouse manyu information in memory iss still written down to file when closing the server. but oersonaly i would make a island purge and when there are islands left dewlete thyem with commands like delete then you are 100% sure that there realy gone
  8. The island files and the player-files goes hand in hand, so if you "delete island files", you also need to delete the player files.
    That is why we have the usb purge command:
    Code (Text):
    /usb purge <time in days of inactivity>
    It should correctly delete both islands and player-files, and free the old island-locations for other players.
    Keep in mind though, that islands also have a hard dependency on the WorldGuard regions it originally created.
    Good luck.
  9. spigot v.1.12.2 -- uBkyBlock v.2.7.5
    As I stated, I stopped the server first before removing any files. I removed the old player files also and those are now gone but the island files will not go away.

    When you say purge all the files do you mean purge from in-game while it's running? uSkyBlock doesn't see these files to purge them that way. Yet when I remove them with the game stopped, they come back when I restart the game.
  10. its like Razorax posted the ingame command for purge = /usb purge <time in days of inactivity>

    for a exact list of commands i can recomend you the following link :

    its better to ingame delete becouse it deletes all content and content places in dependecies plugins then try to manual delete them
    or you must delete all your plugin file directories like worldguard worldedit multiverse to make sure that all connected files are also deleted .. but my advice would be use the ingame commands on a running server
  11. As I said before, uSkyBlock doesn't find these files when I try to delete them in-game. I have however noticed that while working with a plugin I wrote that uses WG Regions, Some of these files show up in the regions.yml file. Could this be where uSkyBlock is getting the data to regenerate these files?
  12. like r4z allready said in his post :

    "It should correctly delete both islands and player-files, and free the old island-locations for other players.
    Keep in mind though, that islands also have a hard dependency on the WorldGuard regions it originally created.
    Good luck.
  13. hello, i am getting this error when klicking the challanges:


    - Spigot:
    [14:30:01 INFO]: This server is running CraftBukkit version git-Spigot-2440e18-9636bb8 (MC: 1.13.1) (Implementing API version 1.13.1-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)
    [14:30:01 INFO]: Checking version, please wait...
    [14:30:02 INFO]: You are running the latest version

    [14:31:20 INFO]: https://github.com/sk89q/worldedit/
    [14:31:20 INFO]: ----------- Platforms -----------
    [14:31:20 INFO]: * Bukkit-Official (7.0.0-SNAPSHOT;3853-fdb9d77)
    [14:31:20 INFO]: ----------- Capabilities -----------
    [14:31:20 INFO]: GAME_HOOKS: Bukkit-Official
    [14:31:20 INFO]: CONFIGURATION: Bukkit-Official
    [14:31:20 INFO]: USER_COMMANDS: Bukkit-Official
    [14:31:20 INFO]: PERMISSIONS: Bukkit-Official
    [14:31:20 INFO]: WORLDEDIT_CUI: Bukkit-Official
    [14:31:20 INFO]: WORLD_EDITING: Bukkit-Official

    [14:32:11 INFO]: WorldGuard 7.0.0-SNAPSHOT;1740-b4bda6b
    [14:32:11 INFO]: http://www.sk89q.com

    [edit] forgot uSkyblock Version
    [17:05:15 INFO]: Name: uSkyBlock
    [17:05:15 INFO]: Version: 2.7.6-RC3
    [17:05:15 INFO]: Description: Ultimate SkyBlock v2.7.6-RC3-86bca1
    [17:05:15 INFO]: Language: en (en)
    [17:05:15 INFO]: State: d=128, r=64, i=2, p=2, n=true, awe=false
    [17:05:15 INFO]: Server: CraftBukkit git-Spigot-2440e18-9636bb8 (MC: 1.13.1)
    [17:05:15 INFO]: State: online=true, bungee=false
    [17:05:15 INFO]: ------------------------------
    [17:05:15 INFO]: Vault 1.6.7-b${env.TRAVIS_BUILD_NUMBER} (ENABLED)
    [17:05:15 INFO]: WorldEdit 7.0.0-SNAPSHOT;3853-fdb9d77 (ENABLED)
    [17:05:15 INFO]: WorldGuard 7.0.0-SNAPSHOT;1740-b4bda6b (ENABLED)
    [17:05:15 INFO]: Multiverse-Core 2.6.0-b738 (ENABLED)
    [17:05:15 INFO]: Multiverse-NetherPortals 2.5.2-SNAPSHOT-b729 (ENABLED)

    I converted the challenges.yml (and the other .yml too) with the tool, but the errors are again spaming the console when i click Challenges ingame. deleting the whole config and restart also not helps.

    I will remove the plugin till there is a running version. Thanks for ur help and sorry for my bad english.
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  14. Hi, I have created a regex to convert challenges.yml to 1.13.
    with https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/id-converter.52099/
    convert with this regex (x times if needed)
    Code (Text):
    then convert with this regex :
    Code (Text):
    (displayItem: ?'?)([0-9]+(:[0-9]+)?)(')?
    Also You may need to replace NOTE_X BLABLABLA to Material name

    Edit : Add some exceptions and if your config is not converted with these regex mp me
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  15. @pallpajo : and it would be handy if you for big paste use pastebin.com and allways include the output of /usb v with most of the 1.13 and 1.13.1 plugin updates is always smart to let the plugin generate new files and then c comparethem to the old becouse a lot of names and labbels did have chanched

    @Crazyfak i will give a go at your converter too
  16. Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Bukkit 1.13 does not know the material BOOK_AND_QUILL!

    You are using a BOOK_AND_QUILL in your challenges.yml file (most likely, or config.yml), which is called WRITTEN_BOOK in 1.13.
    Fix this, and you should be golden.