Spigot uSkyBlock v2.7.6-RC3

The best Skyblock out there...

  1. ive been successful in updating this to 1.13.2 With async Worldedit support enabled ill post a release on the Github soon

    ill be able to provide small updates/fixes now that i can compile it finally lol
  2. Hey when you release it to Github could you post the link here? Thanks.
  3. I wouldn't call it dead, but it's not making life easier that we're unable to push updates to SpigotMC. I don't know if it's possible for me to do something about that, by making a new resource 'uSkyBlock 4' or something like that. Is that even allowed? I'll have to look that up.

    All suggestions are welcome, I'd love to spend time on it, but I've got no idea where to start.

    The latest uSkyBlock-build from rlf's repository is https://oss.pellegrom.pt/snapshots/uSkyBlock/uSkyBlock-20190328-1-ec2a672.jar, and the repository is open for PR's.
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  4. How do you make the distance between each island lager?
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  7. That's what I was trying to avoid by PR'ing to the original repo, all kinds of different branches and the actual users still can't find the latest builds because the SpigotMC resource isn't being updated ;) We've seen that in the past with the wolfwork/wesley27/et cetera branches.
  8. Please do something like this. Many servers depend on this plugin continuing.
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  9. @Linkforsoad i was planing on PRing back to the original repository and keeping it synced with it. i was just gonna use the Github releases to post the downloads on my end
    but with a reply like that, have fun im out :)
  10. Without FAWE plugin, much of my server would be impossible. So I can't take it out.
  11. What is your Github account Linkforsoad? Then I'll add you as collaborator to the primary github, and you can keep the primary one alive instead.
    Unfortunately, I can't hand over "ownership" of the Spigot resource, so you'd have to create a new resource here, and I'll be happy to link to it.

    It's open-source, so you are welcome to release your own version of it, as long as you also release the code (i.e. keep it on Github).
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  12. We used to have support for both WE and FAWE, but since FAWE uses a weird version of WE, it's next to impossible to detect when it's a valid one (i.e. the version tag is usually unknown or some strange thing). It's probably doable, but really hard, and the FAWE developer seems to not care about others trying to get stuff to work with both his plugin and WE. Since I am not spending much (or any) time on Minecraft/uSkyBlock atm, I didn't look more into it.
    But if anyone has the knowledge and ability, I'd be happy to pass on the torch.
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  13. Got your request to collaborate, thank you very much! Bear with me for a few days until I get back in the country to create the new repository on Spigot :)

    Edit: repository == resource.
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  14. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/uskyblock-revived.66795/

    It's a simple copycat of the original resource (with a few links to pre-builds et cetera removed for now) linking to the latest build from Github. I'm using public wifi today while travelling which isn't very sophisticated. Especially when trying to update the resource with images :LOL: But that's something for tomorrow back on broadband interwebs.
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  15. pleasee update to 1.14.1?? thanks
  16. As soon as we can, I'll update. A few methods we really need to support 1.14 (like regenerating chunks) are not implemented at the moment in CraftBukkit so we have to wait or create our own implementation. Dependencies are not always up2date (or stable, like MV-netherportals 3.0.0) and a lot of other things.