UTF-8 for Minecraft not working

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  1. Hello, I was trying to make a ⛤ on my ban message, so I was looking for the UTF, i found 3= 0xE2, 0x9B and 0xA4, none of them work, so how do I make it? I know i need to replace the 0 with a \, but still, also, i'm looking for this symbol too = ⇨, but i cannot find that UTF, can someone help me?
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  2. You can just use the symbols as they are if the file is encoded in utf
  3. Where are you trying to use the unicode?
  4. change file encoding to UTF-8 and then insert symbols

    if that doesn't help, ask MaxBans author to add unicode support
  5. How can I change the file encoding to UTF-8?
  6. depends on what program you use, if Notepad++ you can look up, press Encoding then select UTF-8