Spigot UUID Chat 2015-02-06

Use UUIDs in chat instead of names

  1. Samistine submitted a new resource:

    UUID Name - Use UUIDs in chat instead of names

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  2. PhanaticD


    thanks mojang!
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  3. I'd love to see this on big network servers. "OH! You stayed up late to get a unique username on name change day? Too bad, UUID moar unique!"
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  4. If anyone plans on doing this on a bigish server, please let me know on advance *if possible*, I would love to see peoples reactions :)
  5. Can you please make it so that the join and leave message as well as afk messages all show UUID's please. Like whenever there is a case where player names are show, change it to UUID, that would be awesome. I'm never gonna use this plugin but I just thought that a a nitpicking player would complain about not having full anonymity. Know what I'm sayin'?
  6. Eh, yea that's a bit time consuming, I just thought it would be funny to make something really simple
  7. It shouldn't be too hard to catch the player chat packet with protocollib and modify all player names to uuids :p
  8. much wow, such useful