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  1. uuidRenamer
    I created a java application to migrate users to the new Minecraft UUID system.

    The program is similar to the one available here, but this one includes graphical interface. It can also be used to migrate non-premium user accounts to premium and viceversa.


    It would be an honour to be a second option on this page if you like.
    The project is open source and suggestions are welcome =D

    • When you change your Minecraft server mode, Premium to No Premium or vice versa, the name of the saved files player switches to another format. This program automatically rename all of these files from one format to another.
    • Easy to use, with graphical interface
    • Works on Windows and Linux (Oracle Java 8)
    • If you haven't Java 8, you can download from here (32 bits) or here (64 bits)
    First go to the download page and download the latest version of uuidRenamer.jar

    I hope you find it useful !!!
  2. You can release this on the resource page, under standalone. That way you be able to see how many people are downloading it ;)
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  3. Ok I'll upload it. I didn't know that, I'm new in Spigot. Thanks :);)
  4. Simple but complete what else? If you want I can make a translation in French? MP if you're okay.
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  5. Sure! It's a very good idea =D
  6. uuidRenamer updated to 1.1 !!!

    > Translated into French by Triozer !!!

    Download link at top :D
  7. You are such a good spanish dev! Keep the good work going dude :)
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  8. Thanks :p