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  1. I've gotten the UUID through bungeecord done, but the ip forwarding; when I join the server from its original ip it says you must have ip forwarding enabled in bungeecord config also, but I do have it enabled. Any help?

    Heres a pastebin of the settings in the spigot config:
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  2. pastebin of bungee config?

    I just realised you said through original ip xD But like @GGhost said, you need to connect through bungeecord, and have ip forwarding enabled, if you have bungeecord enabled in your spigot server. Otherwise, you can still connect through to your server through bungeecord(if ip forwarding is disabled) or through the original server ip if bungeecord is disabled on spigot,
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  3. Because you're meant to join your bungeecord server not your original/hub server?
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  4. He said he was trying to connect through his spigot sserver with the "bungeecord" option enabled. Preventing him from joining because that requires ipforwarding.
  5. I'm really losing myself today xD
  6. I want it so if they connect through one of the servers like hub instead of the bungeecord. I want them to be sent to the bungeecord.