Spigot Uuid User Checker 1.0

Check an user his old name and UUID

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    Uuid User Checker - Check an user his old name and UUID

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  2. Could you add a plugin like this for bungeecord? plox
  3. Maybe with MySQL?
    And make the command's please shorter!
  4. There should be the alias /uc :)
  5. as a server admin, this is actually something I was looking for, but also I would like a command to check if the uuid is of a premium paid MC user or not (running an offline server here), in which case I can assign them a skin.
  6. I have a premium server bungee, the people can access with a no-premium account with a bungee server...
    They access with the name of a op but, changing the lowercase, they use other uuid , but they have all the permissions of the OP...
    Can you do a checker, when a player access, the plugin show the database of mojang and check the uuid of the account, if is the same he can access to the server, if the uuid is not the same, he cant. When is the same, the uuid is registered in a database or file.db.
    If the plugin can´t verify the uuid with the server of mojang, he read the database, and don´t permit the access of new accounts that aren´t in the database, that would be perfect :)