Spigot V10Lift 2.0 [Continuation of V10Lift] 0.7.2

A realistic lift plugin for Spigot!

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    V10Lift 2.0 [Continuation of V10Lift] - A realistic lift plugin for Spigot!

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  2. This plugin is very good, but I have one problem. Everytime when I go up or down the sign breaks and dont comes with the elevator blocks. Im playing on 1.14.4.
  3. The plugin does not have support for 1.13 & 1.14. I'm currently working on adding support for that versions, but there are some bugs that I need to fix. I will update the plugin soon.
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  5. hey hey any screenshots / video showcasing what this does?
  6. SlimeDog


    Spigot 1.15.2
    V10Lift 0.5.1

    Fantastic! I have a basic elevator built. The elevator is callable from either floor (1 and 2), and moves between floors when called from the floor where it is not currently located. When I right-click the sign in the cabin, the floor number changes, which I assume is how I select the floor I want to go to. However, I do not find an instruction to run the elevator when inside the cabin. I assume another button is involved, but I don't find a description of it. Please advise.

    Also, the data are not saved to the database until server shutdown.

    Feature requests:
    • Save data immediately on closing the editor. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing a lot of work should the server crash.
    • Keep plugin.yml:version consistent with release listing. Currently:
      • plugin.yml:version: 0.5
      • release list: 0.5.1
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  7. Right click on the sign is selecting.
    Left click on the sign is moving.

    I'm working on a better documention about this plugin.

    Saving on edit is a good idea, I will work on that.
    And the plugin.yml version is a mistaking, I will fix that in an update.
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  8. SlimeDog


    Just adding that would help. The rest was pretty clear with a little experimentation. :cool:
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  9. SlimeDog


    OK, I did the left-click on the sign. No joy. See issue posted.

    Feature requests:
    • Implement/configure a button inside the cabin, which starts the elevator to whichever floor is selected on the sign.
    • For testing purposes, implement a command that starts the elevator, protected by a permissions of course.
    • Configurable update-check. We block all outgoing network traffic. We rely on our own automagical update-checker.
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  10. I will post this request in my Discord, to check if people want this.

    Will be added, I've removed it in the newest build because it was lack of protections.

    Will be added.
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  11. SlimeDog


    With the command feature, an explicit button is not needed. I can make my own with any number of command plugins (I prefer CommandSigns, but there are many). Please expose the command, protected with permissions.
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  12. SlimeDog


    Feature requests:
    • Sound? Configurable, of course.
    • Console commands:
      • v10lift reload
      • v10lift delete ...
      • v10lift whois ...
    • Support (all) doortypes for elevator doors.
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  13. Sound like? A sound in the lift, or a pling for the doors, ...?

    Incoming, the commandhandler is still WIP

    You mean real doors? That's impossible with the current design, so that will take longer to make.
  14. SlimeDog


    Is there a command to delete a door, or can I just replace the blocks and v10lift door / click / v10lift door?
  15. Yes, if a door exists, and you will do /v10lift door, it will be removed.
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  16. SlimeDog


    Yes :cool:

    No worries. It's a small detail.