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  1. What is the player variables for the commands.yml file so you can target the player who executes the command eg. /123 executes /give {player} diamond 1
  2. You can't get the command sender with the commands.yml. Try writing your own plugin.. onCommand() and then if(command.getName("123") { and then get the command server and save him into a player variable. Then you can do: Bukkit.dispatchCommand("give player diamond 1").
  3. if he doesn't have java and bukkit api experience, no.
    and you can infact do what he is asking.

    OP, scroll down to the aliases section on here:
  4. I know that you can define arguments with aliases, but then he would have to define the player name. He just wants /123
  5. I know how to write java in eclipse but I am trying to cut down the amount of plugins used. I will be using lots of command alias's like this as it's my certain setup for my parkour. I was only wondering if a variable existed for the commands.yml to send a command as the console to /give the player a specific item the usual variable used in plugins is {player} but I am coming to understand the commands.yml has no such variable. Thanks for the help guys and if you find anything useful let me know.
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