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  1. Hello,so i got the vampires plugin onto my server but i wanna change stuff but couldn't find it for the longest time. now that i finally did which i think is the vampire_conf.json file (please tell me differently if not) i have another problem.. it's all empty besides these two brackets --> [ ] and i have no idea where to start so if someone could help me atleast a bit with it and give some examples or tips it would be very appreciated since i'm very new to this..

    Like for example what i had in mind to do since i saw it in another server too is that i would want the vampires to be able to jump 2,5 blocks or atleast 2 blocks high instead of 1,5... since me and my friend are on this server where vampires can jump 2,5 blocks high but on my server they can just bearly jump 1,5 blocks high eventhough we both use the same mod and version..

    Vampire plugin i use:

    the conf files:
    vampire_mconf instances.json
    vampire_uconf instances.json

    i went in the files Massivecore_aspect to both vampire_conf.json & vampire_player.json which both only have this below

    i don't know what to put there... i'm a noob with this all
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  2. Can you send the conf.json please and I will try to understand since it was a bit unclear.
  3. They are both empty though so i have no idea where to start.. they are both called vampire_conf.json and vampire_player.json which only have a
    with them..
    I have these all these files and in massivecore_aspect i found the vampire_conf.json and vampire_player.json but if i need to be in any of the other files tell me and i will use pastebin for it to show.

    i put some pastebin files up on the thread again if that helps
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  4. anyone know how to help me? or is the spigot forum just dead like all the other minecraft forums?..
  5. hellooooooooooooooooo?....... anyone alive at all?
  6. No one is replying probably because no one knows what you are trying to do.
    My suggestion is post on the discussion page for the resource itself, since people there have used the plugin, they will know how to help you!
  7. then how are people asking on the forums for plugin helps then? i saw it before that people needed help with a plugin and people reacted on it
  8. Its probably because its plugins that others are familiar with.
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    It says here that things like potion radius etc are in the vampire_conf part?

    vampire_config: Config options for balancing
    • What is the splash potion radius for holy water?
    • What items are considered wooden stakes?

    I can imagine this being the place for jump as well.
  10. I checked there many times though before..
  11. Sorry, that's all I can say.. Maybe ask the author of the plugin for support if they're willing to give it.
  12. I did ask on the discussion there some days ago but no replies :\ so guess i can personally contact the author?