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  1. I am hosting a private server for my friends and I, and I'd like to find plugins that are faithful to vanilla survival. Currently all I could think of is Dynmap and HeadDrops, but I can't find anything else.
  2. What do you need?
    Using plugins for the sake of using plugins is sort of a waste.
  3. Anything that enhances gameplay while staying faithful to vanilla.
  4. Technically that includes no plugins or all plugins, depending on how you set boundries - they all change things, none of them add anything you cant get in the vanilla client.
  5. That is why I made examples of plugins. A faithful plugin could be like Dynmap or HeadDrops, and an Unfaithful plugin could be like Custom Enchants or Silk Spawners
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    I would even consider Silk Spawners as a vanilla-faithful plugin, so it comes down to preference. I would also consider my VeinMiner plugin as vanilla-faithful, but it's based off of a mod which you may or may not appreciate. We really have no clue what you mean by vanilla-faithful because it's such a broad term when it comes to code that is based completely on vanilla Minecraft
  7. I see. I was considering Silk Spawners at first, but then we'd get people creating massive mob farm and I didn't like that Idea. I will keep searching on my own. Thanks anyway!
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  8. TBH if your just trying to have fun with your friends I would check out epicworldgenerator
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    I'd consider teleportation tools such as /tpa or so to be somewhat Vanilla friendly.
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  10. Or wait a bit and pay 40$ less for mine, which will be a lot nicer, anyway :eek:

    Inb4 attempts to pirate EWG, meets the amusing/disallowed DRM it uses.
  11. Cosmetics can be fun (particle effects, trails, etc). There are a bunch of those plugins out there.
    Is your server going to have an economy, or is going to be real vanilla? I would suggest a light casino plugin or chat game if there's going to be money involved. You could also try a marriage plugin, but if you're only going to be playing with a few friends, it won't be worth it.
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  12. What is this plugin you are refering to? If your currently developing a world gen, ide like to talk about it. Please contact me on discord at Fox#2227
  13. Vanilla is no plugins.
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