Vanilla/Spigot Server! Host Advice!

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  1. Hello I gonna put up a Vanilla gameplay server but with a few plugins that increase the safty in the server! (around 10 Plugins)

    I want around 4gb RAM at start incase we getting bigger other days! now we are like 5 players and im hosting from and that was my worst choice ever! Massive lags and my FTP dosnt even work with FileZilla!

    My Bugdet each month can be up to ~$15-30 and i want it to work perfectly with spigot 1.9.4 or higher (1.10)
    The Server have to be in EU close to sweden/denmark/Norway!

    would be happy if someone knows a good host in that price!

  2. so you have 4GB of ram, 5 players online and only 10 plugins and your server is still lagging?

    maybe one of the plugins is the problem, give us a timings report and maybe we can solve it that way.
  3. i know already is not a plugin! even tried with totaly vanilla and nothing change ect ect! and still massive lags!

    The support already looked at the timings and they says its the entities but that kinda wierd when i removed the entites spawning in the server!
  4. why do u prefer that!?
  5. What hosting company are you using right now, since that say they are cheaping out on resources. Just so I can avoid them :p
  6. Well, you could starch that since they are dedicated. I was just thinking your server is using way to much resource, so you might want to go dedicated, but you could look into bisecthosting I used them before, I can't really say much more about them. They are just a good hosting company, they are not outstanding, just an okay host.
  7. Like i said above! Shockbyte!
  8. is rly a Vanilla/spigot with 10 plugins much resource ?
  9. No, just I thought you were running not heavy plugins.
  10. 4GB might be a little too much right now, it might be the cpu bottlenecking your instance. I think 2GB should be enough for you, most hosts would not have a problem upgrading your product, should it be needed. :)
  11. In norway? Go with cheap good support can be slow tho.
  12. Shockbyte is a pretty good and cheap host, if you're having issues with them just use their support system.

    For your server I would suggest running on the latest spigot version and using the following plugins:
    - PermissionsEx (for permission groups)
    - EssentialsX
    - CoreInspect (Anti-Grief and rollbacks)
    - Worldguard (Set up regions for spawn etc.)
    - Multiverse-Core (Optional, for setting up worlds)

    For ram usage for a server with not a lot of plugins you need about 1GB/15-20players, so paying for 4GB would be a waste of money as you can always upgrade at some later point).
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  13. When posting and asking why my server is lagging you should always give us timings of when the lag is happening. With out that it would be very hard to deduce why it is lagging. Timings are important because it will show if someone has a large animal farm, maybe a large redstone contraption, or a plugin that is causing the lag.
  14. If you will have a small server, you can use the free service of "Aternos". They are around 1-2GB (Not sure), but you only have to have the slots full. Otherwise server closes. It has plugin features, modpack features, access to files, log, console etc.
  15. Didnt ask why my server is lagging! thats why i didnt post it!
  16. i dont want Essentials because i dont need any of thoes stuff in there so no need!
    Worldguard no need!
    Multiverse-Core No need!
    Already useing PermissionsEx!
  17. I was just giving advice, like you asked. You do want to have a very vanilla server, but things like /vanish and /ban are probably needed though for your staff. Without any of that, your staff wont be able to take care off the griefers etc. Also please don't overuse explanation marks, makes me think you're desperatly yelling at me ;)

    Good luck anyways :)

    EDIT:// Forgot to mention that you should probably also get an anticheat as well
  18. already have anticheat ;) and sry will stop using "!" that much but just saying im not yelling!

    and about the bans i dont need to install a plugin for because its automatic in the commands!

    And yeah the advice is always good but this time i didnt ask for advice for plugins! this time i ask advice for a host :)
  19. Just stick to shockbyte, and use their support system to solve your issues :p
    I've been hosting my servers there for over 6 months, with a total of 6 servers at one point. They're not perfect, but they do offer decent quality servers for very low prices
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