vault can't load

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  1. helllo,

    Can you give me some help concerning the loading of vault plugin?

    thank you for your help


    list of plugins :

    Forms v1.2 (candidature on line)
    dynmap v2.1-SNAPSHOT-1091
    WorldEdit v6.0.2-SNAPSHOT
    CustomItemsAPI v1.1.1
    Essentials vTeamCity
    TuxTwoLib v1.8.3-b4
    Chairs v4.5
    WorldBorder v1.8.1
    Modifyworld v1.19.7
    BanManager v5.0.0-SNAPSHOT
    ProtocolLib v3.6.3-SNAPSHOT
    Multiverse-Core v2.5-b692
    WorldGuard v6.0.0-SNAPSHOT.1587-
    ExcaliCube v1.0.4-SNAPSHOT
    SWI v2.3.0
    NoDrop v0.2 (to forbid drops during events)
    Shopkeepers v1.50
    EditableSign v1.1.3
    EssentialsChat vTeamCity
    DeathMessages v2.8.0
    PermissionsEx v1.23.2
    CBWrapper v1.8
    Prism v2.0.6-${env.BUILD_NUMBER}
    EssentialsSpawn vTeamCity
    BetterAlias v1.4.2
    MagicCarpet v2.4.6
    LWC v4.5.0-SNAPSHOT
    ColoredTags v2.1.1
    VanishNoPacket v3.19.1
  2. is the problem comes from vault or from an other ? :(
  3. I've never heard of vault conflicting with another plugin or vice versa, did you make sure to get the correct version of vault? The other issue might be your spigot.jar has some kind of error messing up Vault?
  4. The error you're getting is "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Plugin already initialized!"

    Do you have multiple copies of Vault in your plugin folder?
  5. You have multiple of the same plugin.
  6. thank you for your answers but i don't think so coming back to you after checking:(

    After checking
    don't have two "vaults" to load in the plugins folder

    so sad - don't underdstand :(
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  7. Can we see your plugin folder?
  8. "Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Plugin already initialized!"
    Do you have 2 of the same .jar's in your plugins folder?
  9. you have the list in the opening post above
    --> no, all plugins are different

    is that possible that one plugin loads vault, before vault loads itself ?
  10. I do not think that is possible. I don't think plugins look for dependencies until all plugins are loaded first.
  11. @Cydut You obviously didn't list them all because Vault, and the plugins in the pastebin, are not there.
  12. Strange. What version of Vault are you running?
  13. Vault 1.5.3-b37
  14. try to delete your vault then try to use /pl if theres a vault
  15. nothing worked. I put an old version and everything is back to normal... will stay a mistery for me...
    Thanks for your help