Vault compatibility with ColoredTags + BuySpawners

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by _Zane, May 27, 2015.

  1. Hi, on my server neither ColoredTags + BuySpawners are working.
    BuySpawner's AND ColoredTags's commands are working though.
    On ColoredTags, it's the tablist whom aint working, on BuySpawners, it's the signs.
    They both depends on Vault to work, so I presumed it was the reason.
    Vault version : Vault 1.5.0
    ColoredTags version : v2.1.1 (LATEST)
    BuySpawners version : The version released Feb 7, 2015

    Spigot version 1.8
  2. No one? ;S
  3. @ChargedMinecraft Colored Tags may not be working because you have another plugin that utilizes the scoreboard, if this is the case then you need to pick one out of the two. As for BuySpawners does it print any errors into the console when using a sign?
  4. No messages in the console.
  5. Check you have it all setup correctly with permissions etc.
  6. On my server I use the Plugin 'Spawner Shop' it gives users a GUI interface when they type /spawners and is compatible with SilkSpawners :)
  7. Yeah, I've checked all the permissions.
  8. BuySpawners is eww. Use Silkspawners and some other form of shop (Spawner Shop/ServerSigns/Maybe even ChestShop idk). Buyspawners has a lot of bugs, and the developer like just randomy left last time i checked.
  9. If its not anything to do with permissions or any other restrictions then I would suggest changing plugin as @Therobodavo said, also if the developer has abandoned the plugin then I would advise strongly to change plugin.
  10. I mean he hasn't touched it since Feb 19th... and there's duping bugs in it. So idk, you tell me xD
  11. Yeah, I mean. I do have the plugin on 2 other servers, and its working very well. Also kinda weird both ColoredTags (tablist) + BuySpawners isnt working. I have my colored tag 0,4 seconds after I log in, then it dissapears.
  12. Do you have another plugin that uses the scoreboard?
  13. What scoreboard? The tablist?
  14. My thoughts exactly.
    I do have InfoBoard Reborn + The McMMO plugin which have a scoreboard.
  15. Infoboard Reborn and colored tags don't work together.
  16. Oh, explains it all.
    Does it work with NameTagEdit?
  17. I have used Name tag edit and Info board together before and they kinda work together okay but sometimes your tag will disappear.