Solved Vault crashes players games

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  1. Hello! I am trying to make my skyblock server (1.14.4) but every time I join, I crash. The only way to fix this is by removing vault all together. This only started happening after removing some worlds and such. Here's my plugin list!

    (Vault is causing player crashes and i'm not sure why)

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  2. That's highly unusual since people use that plugin for economy...
  3. Yeah... I do have a update though! 1.14.4+ can join with no crashes but versions below crash... (Makes no sense .-.)
  4. As Vault is a 'bridge' utility, many plugins require vault in order to process permissions (as well as Economies).

    A side affect of removing Vault will be that some other plugins will not enable themselves.
    One of these 'other' plugins will be the culprit for causing your crashes.

    Check your servers startup log to determin which plugins are not being enabled.
    One of them will be causing your crashes.
  5. Thanks, but the issue is that vault IS enabled with all other plugins and thats causing the crashes. It doesn't crash the server, but it crashes the players client.
  6. As I said the cause is NOT Vault!
    You said that disabling vault appeared to clear the problem.

    It is with one of the 'other' plugins which requires the use of Vault.
  7. Add .disabled on each of your plugins slowly and check each one while vault is enabled and restart until you find the plugin that would be causing it to crash.

    As Vault isn't the one causing the issues so obviously disabling Vault will affect the plugin causing the crashes as it can't be loaded, but now you are also preventing all the other plugins depended on Vault to not load.

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  8. Sorry for the miss understanding! I found the plugin that caused it and it was NametagEdit. Thanks so much!
  9. Thanks! It was NametagEdit.