Spigot Vault 1.7.3

Vault is a Permissions, Chat, & Economy API to give plugins easy hooks into these systems.

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    Vault API - The

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  2. Any chance to get an updated version for 1.7.10 working on cauldron / thermos (fork)?
  3. It is a spigot-sided plugin for this time. What would you want it to do for Bungee?
  4. Hello, I am a Chinese minecraft player:
    I really like your plugin, so I want to carry it to the China minecraft forum.
    Website: www.mcbbs.net
    Looking forward to your reply!
  5. "Checking for Updates..." — too often!
  6. sorry for the 4+ month old bump, but can anyone confirm if this build work on the latest Spigot MC 1.12.2? thanks!
  7. The latest build has an issue with the version number:

    Seems like the placeholder did not get replaced.
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  8. Is this plugin abandoned?
    Im curious why someone would remake a plugin, like vault, and then just abandon it right away
  9. It works.
    No one has remade vault, we are the original maintainers.
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  10. Ah sorry my apologies.
    I was confused because the 3 year old version on Bukkit (1.5.6) and then here the current/only version is 1.6.6
  11. Will Vault need to be updated for 1.13?
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  12. Hey,I hope it support powerrankss in future,can you ?,please!
  13. Hello, will Vault be updated for 1.13?
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  14. Hello, have getMoney Listener Event?
    I am not good at English, sorry.
  15. Hi there, any plans for 1.13? Looking to integrate this into one of my plugins.
  16. @Kainzo
  17. I have 1.13 testing right now and haven't experienced any console errors with Vault. All my plugins that use it hook in fine. I'll be testing it heavier later on.