Spigot Vaults GUI 1.8

Safe vaults with a customizable GUI!

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    Vaults GUI - Using a simple command you get vault slots

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  2. Perhaps a screenshot or images?
  3. Added some images, hope this helps!
  4. Cool interesting, you can load enchanted items with custom lores too?
  5. Yes it saves all of that
  6. Nice. I could see a use for being able to only access this from a sign. Signs that only ops can create, and players can use. That would definitely make this plugin more useful in even more ways. You could still have command access so long as player hasPermission. Yep, I could see a massive storage center at spawn using this thing with sign interaction. ;)
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  7. Added sign support, just disable the /vault command and you'll be set!
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  8. How much rows is the maxs?
  9. Double chest so 6.
    I mean you can do more than 6 but it'll show a graphical glitch
  10. z__


    my review:

    think you can get these changes? =]
  11. Working on it now
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  13. I can move the "No Access" Glass panes in the /vault
  14. I don't recall if it was like this from the start or not.... but you have to have vault.1 vault.2 vault.3 and so forth in your permissions to use the spaces. If you use vault.12 for example, it only opens up vault 12 space.
  15. correct, the permission only opens that slot
  16. you need the permission vault.1 to have access to the first slot
  17. Huh? I'm saying I can pull the glass panes out of the /vault.. It doesn't go back in.. The inventoryclickevent, Is it meant to be false? If so, I can still pull the stuff out.