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  1. Why don't minecraft server owners use vbulletin? but pretty much every other gaming community does
  2. Vbulletin is awful, it is not up to date with GPDR, doesn't support ip tools, looks ugly, has very limited working on things and very wierd to configure. XenForo isn't.
  3. I use WoltLab Suite Core. Looks awesome, easy to manage, but lots of extensive options and plugins, it's just awesome and has great frontend capabilities
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  4. Yuck. Seriously, guy? vBulletin is like 2005. It's bloated, slow, and impractical for the common use of forums. Hell, even forums like the spigot ones here are misused. Discord for discussion; forums for reference.
  5. I think it's primarily to do with the fact that XenForo is a bit more modern... those who are poopooing vBulletin here are obviously unaware of how cemented vBulletin's position (and support for customization) is... I find moderation much more manageable on vB than Xenforo and it's really a split between who's interested in the new, ajax based style of design or who wants a traditional old fart forum.
  6. XenForo isn't good for a nice community..
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    Look at ANY large Minecraft server forums (Like Hypixel), their forums are amazing and that's Xenforo.
  8. Not really...it is a very ugly software
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    Then use a theme to make it look less ugly... That's what they're for.
  10. No matter what style of silently, the software just stays ugly and useless. Is my opinion. Like I said, I prefer WSC.