1.15.2 VehicleExitEvent Firing on Entering Vehicle

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  1. Hey all,
    I'm not quite sure if this is an API bug, or if I'm just stupid. Whilst troubleshooting a bug in one of my plugins, I noticed that trying to get into a boat appeared to be throwing a VehicleExitEvent. Now, that's rather peculiar, as the player is trying to enter a vehicle, not exit one.

    I tried testing this on a fresh server with just a 1.15.1 spigot jar and a test plugin installed. Same thing, trying to enter a boat throws an identical event to leaving one. Am I missing something here, or is this possibly the API being wacky again?

    I've also tried this using EntityDismountEvent; same result. The event fires in both boarding and exiting a boat.

    Some Googling indicated that the VehicleExitEvent has been causing problems for some time, and the EntityDismountEvent was suggested as a backup, but others have reported that there are problems with this too. Is this an issue I've somehow failed to notice before now?
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    I suggest you open a bug report, if that is true it clearly sounds like a bug
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    I've noticed this too, with minecarts, but the situation was different. Judging by my code comment here, a vehicle exit event was fired when a vehicle enter event was cancelled. Are you or another plugin cancelling the enter event?

    I haven't noticed the issue you're describing myself, but I have heard from others that the vehicle enter/exit events have been causing them problems too, so it wouldn't surprise me if it is indeed a bug.
  4. Meanwhile the bug is getting fixed by spigot you can create a hashmap that contains whether a player is in an vehicle or not.

    Code (Java):
    List<UUID> inVehicle = new ArrayList<>();


    boolean inVehicle = false;
    if (inVehicle = this.inVehicle.contains(uuid))
    it's only an idea.
  5. I am canceling it, however when testing, I tried entirely removing the cancellation functionality and just output when the event was thrown. I still got a VehicleExitEvent then.

    In my case, I've solved it by using a 1-tick delay; that way, the result of the event is already completed, and I can tell based on whether a player is in a vehicle or not after the 1-tick delay to see which direction they were going, entering or leaving. Thanks for the suggestion though :)