Spigot VentureChat 2.20.2

#1 Channels Chat plugin! Spigot + Bungee. Supports PlaceholderAPI + JSON formatting. New Hex Colors!

  1. Does the json formatting for the hover_name and hover_prefix support placeholder API placeholders?

  2. so like this i guess, and then add suffix like &colorcode right?

    color: None
    chatcolor: None
    mutable: true
    filter: true
    autojoin: true
    default: true
    distance: 0
    cooldown: 0
    bungeecord: true
    alias: g
    permissions: None
    format: '&f[&6{servername}&f]{groupprefix}&e{name}&f:{suffix}'
    irc: false
  3. @Wingfan
    I said change the chatcolor to "None".. not both of the colors. I've already given my opinion that there is no point using the {servername} placeholder because each server has it's own config anyways, so it can be manually typed and setup to be more custom than the placeholder is, but that should work. It's not a super complex format; you just need to have the correct CHATCOLOR set to "None". If the regular COLOR is set to "None" it will break and default to white.

    @Pokerman99 This has been asked before just a few pages back. There is a thread search button, and there also is the power of just seeing if it works before asking. Yes, PlaceholderAPI placeholders work in JSON formats.
  4. Could there be an option for world channels? Channels specified to showing only a certain worlds chat?
  5. @CoolFire155 Set the channels distance to a large value (up to 2^31 - 1) and it effectively becomes a world based channel.

    @Duqino Works fine for me on my old versions of PlaceholderAPI. I know clip has posted a lot of new updates that I have not had the chance to take a look at, so maybe something has changed.
  6. Can you PLS fix it. Its really annoying. Get allot of errors in console.
  7. @Duqino Fix what? It works fine for me in my tested, and there are PlaceholderAPI errors in the console. Honestly, you guys ask for so many fixes, and I rarely have to post any updates. I understand correlation doesn't guarantee causation, but for the most part, it's another plugin, dependency, or other issue on your particular server that is causing the issue.

    Code (Text):
  8. @Whalerus You can try dumping the data file while the server is offline in case it was corrupted or you modified it. You can also check for any errors when the plugin first starts up, because your error looks to me like the channels were either not initialized or certain players were not properly loaded. The error is when the plugin is trying to grab the current channel when a player chats.

    I glanced at your channels, and nothing stood out as blatantly wrong to me, but you could always try a run with a default config. If you just rename your config to something else, it will regenerate a new default config without having to delete your real one.
  9. I tried deleting the players.yml and it still does this
  10. @Whalerus You can PM me your IP if you don't mind me taking a look in person. I just ran your config on my test server, and it didn't throw any errors.
  11. Im having problems with /msg /r the players cant use it. Looks like essentials is taking over. The /tell command does work.
  12. @Duqino Use a command alias, or disable Essentials messaging.
  13. Hey Aust1n46,
    Will factions channel becoming back at all?
    Would be nice to get a somewhat definitive answer for my members.
    Keep it up, proud of you! /papabless
  14. We have been really enjoying using your plugin on our 1.7.10 modded servers, we are now adding 1.8.9 servers and as you know those run on sponge as it replaces cauldron. Would you be willing to update to sponge?
  15. @Chalkie I could readd it. The reason I removed it was because of FactionsUUID, which has the same plugin name as the regular Factions, but does not work with my Factions hook. I tried to talk to the developer a while ago, but honestly, he was not helpful and implied I didn't know how to hook his plugin properly when VentureChat has had Factions support since before FactionsUUID even existed. I will have to put in a warning saying not to use the Factions channel with FactionsUUID, but then again, most people never read my warnings :p

    @ProsperCraft Unless it can be ported without any rewriting, then no, I will not update on Sponge. I personally don't support Sponge. I feel that they abandoned Spigot as if it were dead when Spigot is doing just fine, while Sponge doesn't even have a 1.8 build that isn't a beta version. Not to mention that a plugin like this can't be easily rewritten for another platform.
  16. The /msg and /r are working again after a restart.

    Only one question. Did 1.9 break that /spy wont work cross servers? Because i cant see it on other servers when players are talking with each other on 1 server.
  17. **BUMP**

    Any progress on this issue?
  18. /chatreload bugs the /msg en /r

    Because it was working before the reload.