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  1. how can i make it so when u hover for example the world he is in it shows like in the hover thing "He is in hub". The javascript placeholder for that i have but how can i make it when he hovers that part?
  2. @LillyAnnaBear Players are supposed to listen to multiple channels, usually all of the ones they have permission for. If everyone only used one channel, they would never be able to see what is going on in the other channels, and would never join them. A player would have to explicitly type /leave [channel] to leave a channel. Switching channels just changes your focused channel; it doesn't leave the one you were just in.

    @Feruko Somehow their GUI confused with mine? Unless their plugin has a chat component too.
  3. @ScenicALT The overview says to include configs with all error reports, but this one is quite clear.
    Code (Text):
     ERROR Could not pass event AsyncPlayerChatEvent to UltimateKitPVPSlowChat v1.3

    06.09 12:35:25 [Server] INFO Caused by: java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problem:
    06.09 12:35:25 [Server] INFO The method replace(char, char) in the type String is not applicable for the arguments (String, int)
    06.09 12:35:25 [Server] INFO at me.scenicjaguar101.ultimatekitpvp.slowchat.listeners.SlowchatListener.onPlayerChat(SlowchatListener.java:36) ~[?:?]
  4. Why am i getting this?


  5. but my issue is happening AFTER players leave channels. I have a Hunger Games RP server, and we want to hold training sessions where they only hear whats going on in the training session, and so it doesn't spam general chat with what is going on in training. I need a completely separate chat. Even after players do /leave they can still hear global and global can still hear them, even though they technically shouldn't if that makes since.
  6. @LillyAnnaBear Make a separate channel then. You should put a prefix into every channels format so people know which channel is chatting. If someone leaves Global, they would have to then switch focus into another channel. Every player MUST be in at fewest one channel, so if you leave a channel, you're still focused in the one you left. Leaving channels is more for leaving a channel you don't want to listen to, not when you don't want to chat in it. Example: Someone is selling items in trade channel, but you don't want to buy anything, you might do /leave Trade to not hear it.

    @HACKSCOMICON Puts quotes around it to define the text as a String.

    @SullyTheUnusual The new command will be called /messagetoggle. It will allow the player to toggle between receiving and blocking messages. It will save the value and synchronize the value like the spy command, which means I'll need some time to get it all setup.
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  7. Im an idiot and it was in my own plugin RIPPPP thanks :p
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  8. Thanks for the help. We tested for a while and figured out if you joined the training channel first, then left global chat, it would work correctly (only see training chat). If we left global first and then joined training it kept us in global but with the training prefix. It's working now. Thanks for the help!
  9. Can someone plz help me?
  10. @OmegaJT22 1.7.10 isn't supported compatibility was lost, and time will more than likely not be wasted trying to get it back. I see no need to use such old versions unless it's modded, and VentureChat new versions don't support modded.
  11. Thanks. When i was going to sleep i thought wait... there were multiple words so to make it a string i need quotes. I am fucking dumb.
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  12. Heyo, made account just to ask about this.

    I'm preparing a roleplay server for launch, and I love how your chat plug-in is set up. Everything is smooth and very easy to operate, and the channel creation system is simple yet powerful, it's perfection. My only real issue is that the /me command seems to operate outside the boundaries of channels. This creates a few complications, since /me is used for emotes by most players and we'd like to avoid them being global as there are bound to be many at most times. Is this intentional, or is there any way to restrict it to a channel by channel basis? I've looked over your documentation a few times and nothing in particular stands out to me. Any help at all is much appreciated.
  13. @Zantigo The /me command is global, and there currently is no way to restrict it to a single channel.
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  14. @Aust1n46, I've used other chat plug-ins, Herochat in particular, which I believe have accomplished this effect, but I could be wrong as they were tested on a earlier version of Minecraft for the most part. Do you have any sort of idea how it could've accomplished this effect? Also, thank you for your quick response.
  15. You can make a local channel (distance: 50 blocs) named emote, and player can make /emote emotename to make a emote. that's a good idea to a roleplay server. only people near player can see it :)
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  16. Hi, I upgraded my plugins yesterday and it seems that since then the chat is not working anymore. I mean that nothing is displayed in game and nothing is logged in the console. I activated the debug log level for VentureChat and I get this message when someone try to use the chat.
    Code (Text):
    [12:32:59 INFO]: [MineverseChat] Prefix and / or suffix don't exist, setting to nothing
    [12:32:59 INFO]: [MineverseChat] Prefix and / or suffix don't exist, setting to nothing.
    I run on the default generated configuration files, and there is no other plugin than Venture Chat and its dependencies.

    I think the problem is the same than @FHR 's, page 212.
    Complete server log : http://pastebin.com/G7GtcQ8W
  17. FHR


    You need a permissions plugin. BTW don't use zPermissions, as the problem sometimes pops up.
  18. Simple Error: http://pastebin.com/LTQr5B5b
    Don't get why VentureChat is looking for an InventoryClickEvent anywhere other than the moderation GUI which I don't have on but okay
  19. FHR


    Post your config.yml
    You didn't delete the whole moderation buttons sections, right?