Spigot VentureChat 3.3.1

#1 Channels Chat plugin! Spigot + Bungee. Supports PlaceholderAPI + JSON formatting. New Hex Colors!

  1. @InfinityAspire It's getting caught on this, and I dun messed up in here..... that's why it messed up on another plugin.
    Code (Text):
    ItemStack skull = e.getInventory().getItem(0);
    SkullMeta skullMeta = (SkullMeta) skull.getItemMeta();
    Code (Text):
    if(item == null || !e.getInventory().getTitle().contains("GUI")) {
    I check if the name of the GUI contains the word GUI..., which isn't exactly unique :p

    I'll fix this so that death message plugin works fine with VChat.

    Edit: Ok, so I added the word VentureChat to the GUI title, so I can serialize my GUI's as my own.
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  2. @FHR Thank you for your help, I had PermissionBukkit installed before and it didn't work with it. I switch to PEX and it's okay now, thanks again.
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  3. The update is pretty much done, but the synchronization of the new command and /spy is not working well.
  4. FG_


    Maybe you should pair the new topic with the update ;)
  5. I fixed the sync by adding more delay to the initial update request when logging in. I will release the update shortly.
  6. I still have random disconnect issue when using BungeeCord channels with the latest version.
  7. I was wondering if this comes with an API that i'm not seeing heh. If not can you possibly make one please? I would LOVE to use this plugin on my server
  8. There is an API, just little to no docs on it.
    Should be still mineverse.Aust1n46.chat.api internally, unless @Aust1n46 has updated it.
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  9. The API is not user friendly, but it's super powerful and can easily be used to create powerful addons to VentureChat.

    @MClaus Like I said before, I'm still convinced that has nothing to do with me, and is some kind of Bungee issue. I don't use BungeeCord to send any messages directly to a player or listen to any events on BungeeCord.
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  10. Hey
    Can i create one channel to only display plugin message and one channel to only display player message?
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    Not with VentureChat alone, no.
  12. For some reason all my players have message blocking on by Default? I'd prefer this to be the opposite. Also is there a perm node for /messagetoggle?
    A feature request from me would have to be allow tab completion of people's names across bungee if possible, or even allow the private message to be sent if it's a partial name/incorrect capitalization
  13. I have same issue, my player can't use private message, they are blocked by default.
    No permission to /messagetoggle ?
    No admin command to toggle a player like /messagetoggle name ?
  14. Just downgrade until I change it.
  15. Just updated my server's plugins and I'm encountering an error, I'm not sure where its coming from.


    Note, that it's generated its configs here because I renamed the old config file to let it try on a clean config after the first failed start.

    My server is running version 1.10.2 on CentOS
  16. Hi,

    Message and mail doesn't work for me whichever it is /tell /message /r /mail /vmail .
    I figure.. a clash with essentialsX? But I do not instal the chat plugin. How do I disable essentials clashing with venturechat? :X

    Latest venturechat, latest spigot for mc 1.9.4

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  17. @rosedragon There is no functional mail command in VentureChat, and those aliases make the messaging commands work. You probably have the BungeeCord settings enabled or something.

    @Ryladine Delete your data file with the server offline.