Spigot VentureChat 3.3.0

#1 Channels Chat plugin! Spigot + Bungee. Supports PlaceholderAPI + JSON formatting. New Hex Colors!

  1. @HACKSCOMICON You're over simplifying something that is extremely complicated that is formatted in a multi stage method. The JSON formatting is based on permissions and format groups. You can't just inject some inconsistent and random channel JSON and expect that to work. The channel formatting starts out as regular text. The JSON formatting is all applied in post processing, after the chat event has been received and processed, so every JSON effect has to be applied to a placeholder. It's a very organized system. You can't just have JSON in channels and JSON where ever, it just doesn't work like that. I've written two versions of the formatting algorithms, so I know what works and what doesn't.

    And so far, the JSON is different on a per person basic, which is perfect for placeholders, which are also defined on a per player basic. Channel specific JSON just isn't something that would fit in with the current system.
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  2. @Aust1n46 ok. I was just trying to help. I thought as u have json and u already have prefixes and suffixes it wouldn't be that hard to add another layer but this time instead of per player to have it per channel. I'll read more about this and be better informed next time.
  3. I have a problem with private messaging people. When ever anyone including myself types "/msg GreatPersonR With a random message" absolutely nothing happens. I'm new to venture chat, and I'm sorry if this is an easy thing to fix. Lastly there are no errors in my logs, and no other read outs that tell me something is broken. It's just blank in game, and everywhere else. I.E. the console.
  4. I had the same issue on my server. Make sure you have "bungeecordmessaging" disabled in the config if you're not using BungeeCord.
  5. @Aust1n46 After extensive testing, the Proxy Disconnect message is most definitely a VentureChat issue, not a bungee one, not a Spigot one and not a conflict. Used multiple other chat plugins i.e DeluxeChat and DuckChat and did not encounter this issue once. I would much prefer to use VentureChat as the feature set and setup/configs is better in my opinion, but this bug is making it unusable. Other people have reported this bug, it isn't a one off. Honestly, I think you're doing users a disservice by just blaming Bungee or outside sources instead of trying to replicate and diagnose.

    Edit: Forgot to add, what's the deal with adding /messagetoggle and then having it on by default when most users have want their players to be able to message people
  6. A friend of mine use a lot of profanity, and even after I removed his user data, he still muted...
    What is going on?
  7. @scream323 The data file must be cleared with the server offline, otherwise, it will just repopulate with the values stored in memory.

    @InfinityAspire I use plugin messages and plugin messaging channels for what they are designed for. If that causes any problems, then it the fault of the API, not the program that implements the API. Nothing I'm doing is out of the ordinary or outside of the scope of the API methods that I'm using. And like I said before, I use the plugin messaging channels to communicate with the various copies of VentureChat. I'm not even sending data to a player via the BungeeCord proxy. If sending messages via a plugin messaging channel causes players to be randomly kicked, then it is not my fault.

    I'm pretty sure DeluxeChat doesn't use plugin messaging channels, and that other plugin says it doesn't require BungeeCord.

    Unless I use Sockets or some 3rd party way of sending data around, I will have to depend on BungeeCord.
  8. Is there a way to make commands with number arguments? For instance, I have a perk on my server where players can set their prefix with PEX. However the command is a little clunky /pex user <USERNAME> prefix <PREFIX>

    What I'd like to do is say:

    arguments: 2
    permissions: None
    - 'Command: /pex user $1 prefix $2'

    Currently just using the $ command, it adds both arguments into the command anywhere there is a $, instead of adding it once in order.
  9. Issue occurs when using {player_displayname} placeholder and having EssentialsX set nicknames and change displaynames. Only reason I have it setup like this is VentureChat has no option for a nickname prefix
  10. @JumanjiCraft It was originally supposed to be line how you described with the numbers, but that feature was made before I knew much about String parsing and formatting. I'm sure I could change it to be better in the next update.

    @InfinityAspire What is nickname prefix? I have the {nickname} placeholder for displaying the nickname if there is one.
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  11. Just an optional, editable, small prefix that shows when using essentials for nicknames to show the player actually has a nickname. i.e
    My normal tags and name;
    [Admin] Sequacious: Message Text
    Nicknamed with Essentials;
    [Admin] `Seq: Message Text
    Where the ` is the nickname prefix

    This only seems to show up if you allow essentials to modify the displayname of the user and use the {player_displayname} placeholder. However in this configuration it causes the proxy disconnect.

    I've tried {essentials_nickname} but that doesn't show the nickname prefix, just the nickname itself. This also doesn't work with the json formatting VentureChat provides for names whereas {player_displayname} does
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  12. I'm trying to put the message between formatting, how would I do this?

    e.g. dianne says, "{message}"

    editing to add that I literally want that formatting, with the quotation marks and all.
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  13. @diannetea The message comes after the formatting. It's not possible to have the message inside of the formatting in a standard Bukkit chat event.
  14. Damn, thanks anyway.

    Actually I might be able to accomplish this with some regex, I'm gonna test that out :)

    Editing to add that it does indeed work :D Regex if anyone wants to do something similar:

    Code (Text):

    - ^(.*)$,"$0"
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  15. @Aust1n46 After fixing the last issue, I find my users unable to /tell , /message. or /vmessage. Thoughts?
  16. @Ryladine
    This is more than likely your issue. If not let me know.

    @diannetea Is that regex in the filters section? If so that is pretty cool and creative.
  17. Yes it is :)
  18. Delete players.yml in Venturechat like Aust1n46 say some posts ago :)
  19. I get an error when I run certain commands, like /channel /join /tell /whisper. Here is the error from when I tried /join g (to join global chat) http://pastebin.com/ZcFLKnts. Is it because of some plugins I have installed?
  20. @hainkiwanki The data file was more than likely tampered with. Delete it with the server off to regenerate a new one. The Overview page also states to include configs with every error report.