Spigot VentureChat 3.2.3

#1 Channels Chat plugin! Spigot + Bungee. Supports PlaceholderAPI + JSON formatting. New Hex Colors!

  1. Great plugin, I had tried using this when it first came out and it has come a long way since then. There are two minor issues that I've run into though: first, is there any way to make it so the {factions_relcolor} tag can be used in JSON hover messages and regular chat? It completely breaks any hover/click actions in chat and just shows the text of the tag in hover messages. Second, the message sound can be pretty annoying so if the sound was configurable that would be great. Thanks :D
  2. @Narwhal Relative color can never work in regular chat without post processing. In a standard Bukkit chat event, every player is sent the same message. Players can toggle the message sound with /notify. I could add custom sounds, but I'm sure I would get a load of messages every day saying "error error error" because they don't type the sounds in correctly.
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  3. @Aust1n46 Thanks for pointing out /notify. If adding a config option for the sound isn't viable, perhaps change the sound to the XP orb pickup sound then? Just in the few times I used private messaging the sound became annoying, and if you were having a back-and-forth conversation with someone, toggling notification sounds on and off could lead to not getting notified when it's necessary.
  4. We can remove color and chatcolor for channels?
    because i use your awesome plugin and i see in discord §f (because i put white in global channel)
  5. @Aust1n46 Hey, just a small bit of trouble that I've run into when setting up VentureChat, I cant for the life of me get the json popup bubbles when you hover over a suffix/name, etc to disappear. I have tried negating the permissions venturechat.json.default as well as mineversechat.json.default and neither work, the popups on hover still appear and I am de-oped.

    Any suggestions on how to disable them?

    Thanks in advance!
  6. @badgernz You can't disable it. It's one of the defining features of the plugin. You can either put empty text in it to make a small bubble, or just use a super old version that doesn't have that feature. I don't really see any reason not to use the JSON hovers, they are super customizable.

    @Roissica Talk to the author of DiscordSRV if you are having problems. I didn't make the plugin, but they should be able to fix any issues.
  7. Ok, thanks mate, ill see what i can do to make them a feature on my network.
    Awesome work on the plugin and thanks for the quick reply!
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  8. Not sure why but one of my players got a cooldown message saying "2591407 seconds of cooldown remaining."

    Confused, he said he didn't do anything.

    edit: All my players are getting this same exact message, not sure why.
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  9. Hello I've been trying to figure out how to get the Placeholderapi. To work with Venturechat. So I can use other plugins to link into venturechat. You stated on your information that its used in the Chat format? When adding it in there do I use the '%%' or the '{}' When trying to add placeholderapi plugins to venturechat?
  10. @Aust1n46 I would appreciate it a lot if you could add an option to disable notification sounds for all players because it's causing an error on 1.8.8
    It cant find the sound ENTITY_PLAYER_LEVELUP. This ist only available since 1.9
    Thanks in advance :)

    *EDIT* Wrote a PM
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  11. @Ash10744 I only use bracket placeholders {} because clip recommends to use those in a chat format.

    @Purevega Delete the data file with the server offline.
  12. I have a problem and I'm not sure if this is a problem with VentureChat or with MCAuthenticator.

    I'd like to use VentureChat along with MCAuthenticator. But when I use both at the same time, messages can't be sent, using the latest VentureChat and MCA versions on both, BungeeCord and Spigot. Does anyone have a solution for this?
    This only occurs if I use MCA and VC on BungeeCord. If I only use MCA on Spigot, everything is fine (but players need to re-authenticate on every server).
  13. I do not want to use venturechat for nicknames. All of my players default nicknames are coming out red no matter what I set it to. I want my players to set a nickname that will take on the color of their tag (I have it set so it will). Instead it is all coming across as red because venture chat is controlling the /nick command. How can I disable it so essentials handles nicks, not venturechat?
  14. @LillyAnnaBear Create an alias in the config. /nick -> /enick

    @leMaik Are you sure you have your bungeecordmessaging settings correct in each servers VChat config file? There is a reason I ask for config files when people report issues..
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  15. @Blackyvk You must've switched your server from online to offline mode or vice versa. If you ever do that, you need to delete the data file because players have different online and offline UUID's.
  16. hmmm then its because I use FastLogin... But I dont understand why it makes the server crash, i've seen duplicated on others plugins and they never crash the server because they use the uuid not the playername (i think this is the issue), what if someone decides to change its name for the name of someone that played in the server in the past, but changed his name aswell and stopped playing ? it will crash the server anyways i think, no matter if its online or offline, i know its a rare case in a fully online server but the problem its still there.
  17. @Blackyvk The data is stored by UUID, but in game, it is looked up by player name. There are two different UUID entries that have the same name if you have both offline and online UUID. A server should use one or the other.
  18. Hi,

    i'm keep getting errors on a specific server in a bungee network.
    A player on the server (Server B) gets kicked, if someone on another server (Server A) writes a "big" message.
    The player gets the following message: [Proxy] Lost connection to server.
    VentureChat, Spigot and ProtocolLib are up to date.
    Here my error with debug enabled: http://pastebin.com/iALCphMP

    On startup, i get a error too: http://pastebin.com/5pePaKuC
    Maybe, its a ProtocolLib error, but players get kicked even if the server is left without plugins(but VentureChat, ProtocolLib) ._.
    Thanks for any help. =)
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  19. @Abwasserrohr VentureChat has dependencies, so it can't be run with just itself and ProtocolLib. Neither of those error reports have VentureChat in them. It looks like a ProtocolLib error, but it definitely is interesting.
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