Spigot VentureChat 3.4.1

#1 Channels Chat plugin! Spigot + Bungee. Supports PlaceholderAPI + JSON formatting. New Hex Colors!

  1. Is there a way to stay in Party chat like a channel or do you always have to /p ?
  2. @Apbreck You can toggle it on/off with /party chat.
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  3. This happens when a prefix have a +, and when someone with the prefix with the + the message does not appear, and repeat the last message that someone sent:

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  4. @Ser3195 A '+' is a regex character. Escape it with a backslash '\' if you're using it in a prefix or any other formatting. I have some code setup to catch some regex characters, but not all get handled properly. The game handles any format characters in regular chat, though.
  5. This plugin does not seem to be compatible with 1.12. When removing a message, as others have reported, the server crashes. https://pastebin.com/HfTmwCzW

    Would love a proper update. Thanks.
  6. How do I get rid of this:[​IMG]

    Moreso concerned with the Click here to begin & the JSON rankup msg. (I don't use any rankup)
  7. @nitewing76 You don't. It's embedded text used to test new features. It's still there because I didn't comment it out when I rushed out an update. It literally means and does nothing. /venturechat is just there to show the version of the plugin for diagnostics.

    @mercurialmusic I know it does that, but I haven't had the time to read into why it happens. I would have to see what changed in 1.12 to break it because I really don't notice any major chat differences. The GUI button still works fine and the message remover is similar in design to that button.
  8. It's also the result of /venturechat reload (have to restart for any changes to the yml)
  9. @nitewing76 You're making up your own commands... it's /chatreload to reload the config. All the commands are listed on the overview page.
  10. Pardon me for missing an unccommon method/command for reloading a plugin kid....but you are about the rudest dev on Spigot and you very well know this is not the first time someone has called you rude. I'd rather pay for DeluxeChat than tolerate your attitude, DC looks to be superior anyways. #Deuces kiddo
  11. I couldn't find any reference on the /messagetoggle command. How would I enable messages by default for all players? Is there a permission for that?
  12. @nitewing76 Rude? What is rude about what I said?:confused: If you think that's rude, you must live a pretty sheltered life. I guess that's typical these days, though. Maybe you're right; everyone should get nice and apologetic responses for no good reason because they paid good money for this plugin. Oh wait.... this is free software that you didn't pay a dime for that was developed in the spare time when I'm not working a real job and going to school. Take it or leave it bud, I gave you a quick and direct response to your misled command usage and apparently, that wasn't "nice" enough for you. If anything, you're the rude one for advertising another plugin on my discussion board, calling me a "kid" when I'm an adult, and overall being a triggered asshole over nothing.o_O

    @alphanimal It's enabled by default already. If you're using an old data file from before I added the command, you can delete the file (with the server turned off) to regenerate it.

    @_DMK_ Did you ever get it working by making unused channels on all servers? I'll have the updated version out shortly. Git was giving me problems on my desktop, so I'll probably just have to do it on my laptop.
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  13. Updated the overview with @FG_ new page after much begging ;) Gives it a fresh new look.
  14. I changed the prefix to +\++ and worked, but shows the backslash. Seems like PermissionsEx does not care about regex.
    Is there a solution for that?
    Also, thanks for the reply :)
  15. @Ser3195 Hmm... you're right. I just tried it on my server and with a backslash, it gets rid of the error, but it shows up in chat. I do, however, know what is causing the problem at the root. It's in my JSON parsing method. I'll try to fix it by escaping all the characters internally to not cause a problem. For now, I guess you will have to not use the '+' symbols :( Sorry!
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  16. Thanks a lot! seemed to have worked!

    I think if this a new feature and new players get it enabled by default, existing players should get it too.
  17. @alphanimal It's setup in such a way that "true" = receiving and "false" = blocked, and players that had data profiles before the feature were added will default to "false" based on the YAML structure I used to store the data. I could code something to get around this, but VChat data files aren't too important if cleared.

    Edit: Most features default to false which is good, such as Spy, Commandspy, and muting. In the future, probably all features will default to false and work without data file clears, I just didn't think about before adding the messagetoggle.
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  18. The placeholder in the json formatting doesn't seem to work. I have this in the config:

    Code (Text):
        priority: 800
        - '&fMessage'
        click_name: 'suggest_command'
        click_name_text: '/msg {player_name}'
        - '&6Citizen'
        click_prefix: 'run_command'
        click_prefix_text: '/help'
    When I click on the name it puts "/msg {player_name}" in the chat field, but it doesn't replace with the actual player name. %player_name% (as suggested by PlaceholderAPI) also doesn't work.

    What else could be the problem?

  19. @alphanimal You need to install the placeholder packs from PlaceholderAPI.
    Code (Text):
    /papi ecloud download Player
    And reload PlaceholderAPI. You download a pack for every plugin you want to use placeholders for. And always use {} bracket placeholders.
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