Spigot VentureChat 3.2.2

#1 Channels Chat plugin! Spigot + Bungee. Supports PlaceholderAPI + JSON formatting. New Hex Colors!

  1. Hello again, about my bug again, I discovered that the double messages were only there on the lobby server, I tested to copy every plugins & configs on a test server, and this test server didn't had the double messages!
    Also, I noticed that after joining back the lobby after leaving it for another server made the bug disappear. But after disconnecting/reconnecting, it's there again.

    So to resume it, the bug seems to be there only when a player just connect & there's other player present, only on the lobby server. When switching server and switching back the problem disappear, and after a disconnect/connect, it's there again.
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  2. Is there a way to allow our Mods access to /commandspy but not see the commands from our admins and devs? Also we have staff and admin chat channels but if we give Mods /commandspy they can still read the admin chat. How do we disable there access to still read admin chat?
  3. @andy33 It's all or nothing. It's an admin command that is only useful if you have less than 10 players on your server anyways... anymore than that and your chat will be flooded with messages.

    And you can't see permissions restricted channels with comamndspy unless you either have permission for the channel or the admins are not focused into the admin channel.

    I was real big on using spy commands back in the day (which is why they are in the plugin), but I rarely use them on our server unless it's just debugging time.
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  4. Hello!

    Is there any plan of implementing support for store the players.yml in a database insted? This would also help syncing mutes etc between servers?
    I'm trying do avoid storing any persistant data on disk in order to run my server in Kubernetes.
    Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi there, is there any way to order the tab list better? Example here is what i currently have but i would like all servers to be listed together not by name alphabetical. 2019-01-20_16.39.27.png
  6. @ApathyOnHigh Wrong plugin page??

    @bl0m1 Not really. Simply not worth it for most users. Flat file works fine for this plugin as there's not a lot of data and the file isn't written to often.

    And mutes are already synchronized. Sharing file data across servers would only work if each server had the exact same configuration, which is not a requirement.

    And I don't understand your situation. All of the server data is stored on disk... So I don't see how the tiny data file from VentureChat could be an issue.
  7. Is there a way to disable the party feature? It seems to interfere with mcmmo party features.
  8. I'm having a weird bug on 1.13.2

    My console displays the chat formatting correctly [Global] [Rank] Username: Message, but in-game it doesn't and shows me the default <Username> Message

    Code (Text):
    [06:42:49] [Server thread/INFO]: [VentureChat] Enabling VentureChat v2.14.0*
    [06:42:49] [Server thread/INFO]: [VentureChat] - Initializing...
    [06:42:49] [Server thread/INFO]: [VentureChat] - Config not found! Generating file.
    [06:42:49] [Server thread/INFO]: [VentureChat] - Checking for Vault...
    [06:42:49] [Server thread/INFO]: [VentureChat] - Enabled Successfully
    [06:42:49] [Server thread/INFO]: [VentureChat] - Registering Listeners
    [06:42:49] [Server thread/INFO]: [VentureChat] - Attaching to Executors
    [06:42:49] [Server thread/INFO]: [VentureChat] - Establishing BungeeCord
    [06:42:49] [Server thread/INFO]: [VentureChat] - Enabling Factions Formatting version
    [06:42:49] [Server thread/INFO]: [VentureChat] - Enabling PlaceholderAPI Hook
    [06:42:49] [Server thread/INFO]: [VentureChat] - Added placeholders to PlaceholderAPI!
    [06:42:49] [Server thread/INFO]: [VentureChat] - Loading player data

    Plugin List

  9. @Hexical_ BungeeCord? Config? Console logs? Need more info.\

    @Zethrus Just alias over it. commands.yml or my aliases in the config. Or an alias plugin of your choosing.
  10. Hi! Does this plugin allow players to mute/ignore messages in chat or direct messages from other players?
  11. @souldesu Both options are available. Ignoring chat is a configurable option.
  12. venturechat repo empty?
  13. @Cisnet Appears to be there still? :unsure:
  14. Thank you for the quick answer!
  15. I'm pretty busy now, so I don't have as much time to work on any new features. I will still be maintaining any issues and version updates.
  16. If a particular feature is sought after by a significant portion of the community, would you be open to accepting pull requests for new features?
  17. @Foxtrek_64 Sorry for the late response. I honestly think the plugin is in a pretty stable place right now. I do have a list of improvements I'd like to make, but the main focus of those improvements is going to be refactoring existing features to make them nicer/cleaner and to make it easier to expand upon them in the future.
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  18. Wow, this plugin has improved a lot since I last used it. I find the delete a message feature rather unique but I am wondering why it only allows for one message to be deleted. Is that a limitation of the plugin? Great work, I might have to make the switch. I'm currently using a custom system but the Discord integeration seems like it would make the switch worthwhile.
  19. @cookieman768 It used to work with multiple messages, but the added complexity of BungeeCord channels messed it up along the way... :unsure: I've spent a long long time debugging it, but it broke when I updated to 1.13. I'll probably give it another look from a new point of view some day.

    The big kicker is the comparison check to see which message to remove is hash based, not a String comparison. So it has to match exactly and I can't easily use substrings to match other cases like the GUI icon that admins see.
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  20. Is there a way to give chat colors permission only on some colors? Something like venturechat.color.green.