Spigot VentureChat 3.2.3

#1 Channels Chat plugin! Spigot + Bungee. Supports PlaceholderAPI + JSON formatting. New Hex Colors!

  1. Has anyone had any success getting this to work with group prefixes set (via Vault) by Ultra Permissions?
  2. Worked out what was wrong, I needed the Vault papi expansion installed.

    When I install that it works fine, however it doesn't stay enabled when the server restarts, I have to run /papi reload again. Is that normal?
  3. I'm kind of tearing my hair out here. For some reason, Venturechat will not send private messages to anyone at all and there's no errors popping up in console. I don't know if it's conflicting with essentials, which is able to send mail but they can't be read, but I cannot figure it out at all. What would I need to provide to help diagnose this problem? Because I'm completely at a loss here.

    edit: I've removed essentials completely and the issue is not resolved, so it's not conflicting with that.

    edit 2: Making good progress, PMs now show up (turns out enable bungeecord messaging: true was causing??) - But they appear very...basic, and colour codes don't work in them. Image attached

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  4. @Randomer You can configure the styling in the config. For receiving, sending, and spying formats. And yes, you need to disable BungeeCord messaging if you're not using BungeeCord.

    @steveabraham /papi ecloud download Vault
    And it should last forever. Unless there's an issue where that data isn't being saved properly. But that's outside the realm of VentureChat.

    @Alvise Not currently. You can set different chat colors for players, but color code usage is all or nothing.
  5. On a totally different subject, how do the placeholder API tags work? I've tried putting them in and downloading the corresponding expansion but it only seems to show the %xxx_xxx% variable in game and not the actual data, even after reloading everything.
  6. @Randomer You use bracket placeholders in chat. {} not %%.
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  7. Using VentureChat and PowerfulPerms on a network. Multiple servers on 1.13 but one on 1.8.
    When players with the * permission talk on the 1.8 server, it appears that VentureChat doesn't cancel the PowerfulPerms chat event resulting in:
    Is this something that can be fixed on this end?

    EDIT: Got more info, VentureChat isn't cancelling the Vault chat that's being sent from the 1.8.8 server
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  8. @Sequacious The chat event is cancelled on the sending server for all BungeeCord chat regardless of version. As far as I know Vault doesn't interfere with chat and PPerms is finicky as all hell too... We (the owner of VMC not myself) bought PPerms and we currently just use PEX again now.

    I don't want to pin the issue on other plugins blindly... but I don't see how VentureChat could be failing to cancel the chat event on its own.
  9. Sorry should have edited, found the issue. CMI was trying to hijack chat using Vault, I assumed it was PP as it has the capacity to edit the Vault chat format.
  10. Moving over to SpongeForge in order to leverage some features there, though one thing I miss is the moderation GUI. Could I get your permission to port this plugin to the Sponge API, unless someone else is already doing that?
  11. @Foxtrek_64 I doubt it would be that easy... but you can do whatever you want with it.
  12. Aust1n46 updated VentureChat with a new update entry:

    VentureChat 2.14.2

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  13. Took hours of painstaking debugging to figure out and fix the problem with the multimessage remover and related functions o_O

    Hopefully there's no more issues with it now!
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  14. Anyone know why private messages are still being filtered, even without any filters being setup?

    Edit: Adding and removing something to the filter fixed it.
  15. @pvpKingdoms It's because if the filters section is deleted or not setup properly (like a format error) the plugin will fall back to the default set of filters that are stored internally.
  16. I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but i can't find anything on the wiki or the likes.

    Is there anyways to disable the GUI for venturechat? The tick is just really annoying honestly.
  17. @Hexical_ It has a permission node; it's for staff only. venturechat.gui
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  18. Ah, makes sense. I'm having another odd problem now.

    I'm on a 1.13.2 Bungeecord server, and after updating to the latest version, whenever I type it seems to not show up (it will in other servers). The only error i get is this. There isn't even a message in console from me.

    As you can see, im also getting this odd spamming in the chat, and whenever another user talks it seems console freaks out.
  19. @Hexical_ You have the loglevel set to debug which shows a bunch of internal calculations and outputs from various algorithms that I use to debug problems. Change it back to "info" in the config and it will go away.
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  20. @Aust1n46 I'm still having the problem of my chat not showing up at all.

    Heres an example, also showing console.

    It will sometimes work after a restart, but will happen shortly again after restarting once again. There are absolutely no errors I can find in the console... I'm not muted, or anything like that either. Any idea?