Spigot VentureChat 3.2.3

#1 Channels Chat plugin! Spigot + Bungee. Supports PlaceholderAPI + JSON formatting. New Hex Colors!

  1. is there an option (cant find it in configs) to disable party mode/chat or at least rename the commands. Trying to work it with mmocore and keeps interfering with that party system
  2. @unrivaledneo Create a command alias. There's examples in the config. /party -> /mcmmo:party or whatever the command is from the plugin you want to use.

    @Danrique The solution is to stop trying to link flatfiles via a database... You can get away with a symlink if the servers are all on the same machine, but even then, there's no point to that. The data files should be all separate... let the plugin handle it's own data. No more SQL...

    If you keep trying to link files incorrectly, you're going to cause issues...

    /muteall is intentionally set to be a permanent mute. It simplifies the backend. If someone is breaking the rules so much they need to be muted in EVERY channel, permanent is fine. You can always use /unmuteall to reverse it.

    And /mute only accepting minutes as the time also simplifies the command... this is a mute not a temp ban. And you can create preset commands using the Moderation GUI. Of course I could create a parsing system that converts various entry methods, but I'm busy right now and the current system isn't broken.
  3. Hey Austin.

    VC is working great, thank you for the resource. I've been having an issue with /nick recently where it will set a nickname for the player, but when they chat it completely resets back to normal. There are no errors or events in the console so it's hard to see why this is happening.

    Anything I could do to try and fix it?

  4. The spy features work really well. Maybe too well. Any way to hide the owner's messages and commands from other staff who have the venturechat.spy & venturechat.commandspy permissions?
  5. @Erikk_GP
    Code (Text):
    Prevents you (the message sender) from being spied on. This might only work for non bungee tho.

    I personally wouldn't give commandspy permissions to anyone other than the owners and top level admins.

    @Jumbowhale It's more than likely a conflict with Essentials if you're using that. If so, you can just alias the command to /nick -> /enick if you want to just use the Essentials nickname command. Works just the same.
  6. Works great... thank you!
  7. Is there any reason the aliases and channel shortcuts are not in the autocomplete lists? This looks odd to me and might be a bug.?!
  8. @dor_sax Only commands autocomplete and commands are registered statically in the plugin.yml file. Aliases are and channel aliases are defined dynamically by the user, not me, so there is no way for me to define them in the plugin.yml.

    It is possible to inject them directly into the command registry, but I stopped doing that a while ago because it could easily break between Minecraft versions.

    If you're computer savvy, you can add the aliases into the plugin.yml yourself. You rename the jar to a zip, unzip it, edit the file, rezip, and rename. I explained the process to someone somewhat recently with screenshots if you can search and find it.
  9. @KamelEbest Chat plugins use bracket placeholders... {} just like all the other placeholders in your format line.
  10. Hi since your update on version 2.17.2. The format codes are not propelly working on /say command. This cause issues with others plugins than relly on this command as well.
  11. Hey there, is it possible to add custom json hovers? For example, '{prefix}{customJson1}{customJson2}{name}:'
  12. @SavageGaming2005 Because you configured the config full of errors... I tell people all the time, and it should be common sense, but you shouldn't be editing 100's of lines in the config all at once... And then get an error and send it over to me. There's nothing I can do for you mate. I'm sure the error is somewhere in there in the 100's of lines you changed. Edit one item at a time and test it. Simple and fool proof way to make any changes in any plugin.

    VentureChat has an incredibly feature dense config. It assumes you, the user, know what you're doing when you edit it.

    I can tell you right away all the JSON stuff you edited is completely wrong. {} signifies empty object, and none of those lines you put those on are even objects. You can't just wipe entire lines of YAML and have it work. If you don't want the hover text, you can simply set the TEXT line to an empty string ' '. But you can't just wipe every line.

    @Fetzu It would be on an existing placeholder more than likely. But that's not currently available.

    @Danrique /say is a default Minecraft command that doesn't support color codes. VentureChat has nothing to do with that.
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  13. It seems that VentureChat is duplicating messages sent at the same time as when a player connects to the server.

    Code (Text):
    [12:54:14] [Server thread/INFO]: [G] [Guest] dim_dab: last year
    [12:54:20] [Async Chat Thread - #76/INFO]: [T] [S] [Lightning] Shurikit: this server is new
    [12:54:22] [Server thread/INFO]: FoxTrotting issued server command: /msg MayhemZSuper hewwo?
    [12:54:23] [User Authenticator #210/INFO]: UUID of player Kainn27 is 91bfbd9b-d03e-4669-a55d-fef121498cb1
    [12:54:23] [Server thread/INFO]: [AntiVPN] [m{m.e.a.e.PlayerLoginCheckHandler} [0;33;1m[[0;36;1mAnti-VPN[0;33;1m] [m[0;37;1mKainn27[0;32;1m passed VPN check.[m
    [12:54:23] [Server thread/INFO]: Kainn27[/] logged in with entity id 3478854 at ([earth]-20705.253473145345, 62.07326446298469, -5123.464288818817)
    [12:54:23] [Server thread/INFO]: [G] [Guest] dim_dab: oh
    [12:54:23] [Server thread/INFO]: [G] [Guest] dim_dab: oh
    We have two Bungee servers connected through chat. I have attached my config (it is the same config for both servers). When a user joins the lobby server they are automatically redirected to the main server if the main server is not full.

    Config: https://pastebin.com/re8jB3d3

    I would guess that it is possible that my queue plugin is causing it by immediately sending them to the main server when they join, but I wouldn't expect that to cause messages to be doubled for everyone. This happens any time a user joins at the same time as someone sends a message.
  14. @idontknow112 If it's duplicating across the entire network with functional JSON, it could be VentureChat. Otherwise, it could be some network desync or something. Can't tell you much from just that, sorry.
  15. Is there anyway to disable certain features like /msg from venturechat and /nick and use other plugins for it
    never mind found out how to make /nick work

    However people can put in blacklisted nicknames in if they put a colour code infront of it, any way to fix this? and is there anyway to stop them from using &k and stuff in it because i removed their format permission but they can still have it in their nick
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  16. I am having issues with the placeholder usage. Just installed the plugin and I am currently using the default config. I have PlaceholderAPI-2.10.4 and the most recent version of VentureChat. The section that is not working is below.
    Code (Text):
    Default: # This default format is required!  Do not delete or rename it!
        priority: 2147483647 # Integer.MAX_VALUE
        - '&6I have no rank!'
        click_name: 'suggest_command'
        click_name_text: '/msg {player_name}'
        - '&dI am default!'
        click_prefix: 'run_command'
        click_prefix_text: '/help'
        - '&dI am default suffix!'
        click_suffix: 'suggest_command'
        click_suffix_text: '/msg {player_name}'
    When I click on a default rank's name, it just has me type "/msg {player_name}". Now obviously it is supposed to grab the player name from PlaceholderApi. Any idea what's going on?
  17. @Icefox922 /papi ecloud download Player
    /papi reload

    @DerpDays Alias the commands to another plugin. You can do it in many many different ways. The VentureChat config makes it very easy with some examples, but there's many ways to alias. I'd recommend using VentureChat messaging if you're using BungeeCord, because it's cross server supported.

    VentureChat /nick command was mainly intended as an Admin only command. It's pretty much only there for use if you don't have Essentials. You can just alis /nick -> /enick and use Essentials nicknames. They work just the same.
  18. Making an attempt to move from DeluxeChat to this plugin and so far so good. One thing that's keeping us from moving are the tooltips / hover messages in chat.

    format: '{cMarriage_marriagePrefix}{luckperms_prefix}{player_name}{cTowns_towntag}&7:&f'

    is the currently configured chat format for our VentureChat configuration. The current hover system allows us to configure hover messages for name, prefix & suffix, but it only seems to define prefix & suffixes through Vault, unlike DeluxeChat where you can define your own prefix & suffixes in the config itself with placeholders. This prevents us from showing a hover message on {cMarriage_marriagePrefix}, which is a must-have for us.

    Is there anything we could do to make a hover message show up for {cMarriage_marriagePrefix}?
  19. I don't think you've understood my post. Getting the placeholder to show isn't the problem (and it's {}), getting the hover message to show on that placeholder is the issue. I could probably register the placeholder as a Vault suffix some how which would probably work, but just wondering if there's any other way.
  20. Antispam auto mute doesn't unmute after the configured amount of time.
    Users report it gets stuck at 1 minute and thus exceeds the amount of time configured (in my case it's set to 5 minutes)
    I'm on the latest version

    Playerconfig shows:
    mutes: Global:26365839

    enabled: true
    spamnumber: 5
    spamtime: 10
    mutetime: 5