Spigot VentureChat 3.2.3

#1 Channels Chat plugin! Spigot + Bungee. Supports PlaceholderAPI + JSON formatting. New Hex Colors!

  1. Aust1n46 updated VentureChat with a new update entry:

    VentureChat 2.18.5

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  2. Sorry for the re-upload! Didn't think my debug method would break other versions... bad testing...

    I don't normally do this, but I did delete the old entry from the version history since it's a worthless version and I just released a new jar within a few hours.
  3. No problem, I am using bungeecord though. But I'm just using this on one server. I'll disable it. :) Thanks for the response
  4. @Jamie Tees If you did ever want to use any BungeeCord functionality, the plugin would have to be installed in the BungeeCord plugin folder as well as each of the Spigot server plugin folders.
  5. Great thanks, I switched from Multichat to this as the permissions on Multichat were through bungeecord only it seemed. I like this plugin a lot more so far.
  6. got it
  7. Is there a way to prevent everyone but certain groups from sending working hyperlinks and IP addresses?
  8. I'm back again!

    We're in love with your plugin but now we're having issues where the chat clears itself out of nowhere, no one cleared it and I made sure to check if permissions for clearing the chat were false for players.

    It just happens suddenly for no reason, usually when we have around 70-90 people online.
  9. Placeholders were not added to PlaceholderAPI!

    [22:12:10 INFO]: [PlaceholderAPI] Successfully registered expansion: javascript
    [22:12:10 INFO]: [PlaceholderAPI] Successfully registered expansion: luckperms
    [22:12:10 INFO]: [PlaceholderAPI] Successfully registered expansion: math
    [22:12:10 INFO]: [PlaceholderAPI] Successfully registered expansion: pinger
    [22:12:10 INFO]: [PlaceholderAPI] Successfully registered expansion: player
    [22:12:10 INFO]: [PlaceholderAPI] Successfully registered expansion: progress
    [22:12:10 INFO]: [PlaceholderAPI] Successfully registered expansion: server
    [22:12:10 INFO]: [PlaceholderAPI] Successfully registered expansion: statistic
    [22:12:10 INFO]: [PlaceholderAPI] Successfully registered expansion: vault
  10. Feature request:

    Per server prefixes.

    Survival server #1:
    %survival_plugin_rank_placeholder%[ServerRank]User1: ping
    Minigames server #2:
    %minigames_plugin_leaderboard_placeholder%[ServerRank]User2: pong

    (Ignore the pseudocode syntax, it's just to give a quick idea)

    We're currently bypassing the restrictions by using per-server permission tracks but it doesn't work with placeholders or hardcoded text, and it's really not a great overall solution.
  11. @MagmaGuy Channel formats are already entirely per server... every server has it's own config file. VentureChat doesn't directly handle placeholders or prefixes. PlaceholderAPI and Vault provide them.

    @HuangJin I just told someone the other day that that message means nothing as long as everything is working. If you reload the plugin, the connection with PlaceholderAPI is already established and thus that message is thrown. At this point I'm just going to remove the message all together...

    @Heracles421 You can filter IP address with regex and replace them with whatever you want. (And give filter bypass to certain users). You can do the same with any URL with regex. But there's no way to just stop someone from entering a URL, no.

    @dandan220 A "clear chat" is just 100 empty lines sent to every player. Make sure you don't have some other "chat clear" plugin installed that you forgot to get rid of. VentureChat also has this archaic command, but it has permissions required to use it.
  12. I think we may have worked under a really weird assumption which I'm going to blame on the collective sleep deprived state of the admin team... it's fine if you just set your configs to have different formats for the same channel right? For some reason I completely forgot we symlinked these way, way back as to avoid having to maintain 8 different configuration files.
  13. @MagmaGuy Channel formats can be different on each server, even for BungeeCord channels. The format of the sending server is what everyone will see when receiving a message in that channel. (Which is good)

    Edit: For more clarity, the message is processed and formatted on the server it originates from. And then this already formatted message is relayed to the other servers.
  14. Alright yeah that's exactly what we needed, thanks!
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  15. I'm not sure if this is a bug or my inability to understand the configuration file/wiki but even with the default /msg settings, nothing shows up in the chat at all and console puts out no errors except that the player executed the command /msg and then /vmessage. Also using /vnick or /nick doesn't work either. Do I need to have some other plugin installed other than PlacehodlerAPI, ProtocolLib, and Vault?
  16. @Captoblitz Disable BungeeCord messaging if you're not using BungeeCord. This is on the wiki :cry: I'll update the wiki one of these days with some bold and caps :p

    Assuming you're using Essentials, it has control over nicknames if you don't disable 'modify-displayname' in their config. You can just use /enick or create a quick alias /enick -> /nick. You can do this in my config in a matter of seconds.

    I'd recommend just using the Essentials nickname, especially if you plan on giving the ability to players. My nickname command is more of a proof of concept for administrators if no other command manager plugin is installed.

    I'm more than likely going to change the command for my nick command so I can give up the priority. Gets old having to explain this (it's not you I have to explain this to pretty much everyone that uses Essentials)
  17. Sorry for not noticing. Thank you for the really in detail and fast response. The way the wiki is, if you continue it, will make the plugin extremely easy to understand but maybe even adding some comments in the config to explain a bit more about what each option does could help out people as blind as me.
  18. Got this error when trying to list everyone listening on a channel (/chwho):
    Code (Text):
    01:31:01 CONSOLE: [INFO] sketaful issued server command: /listen handel
    01:31:06 CONSOLE: [INFO] sketaful issued server command: /chwho handel
    01:31:06 CONSOLE: thread/ERROR]: null
    01:31:06 CONSOLE: exception executing command 'chwho' in plugin VentureChat v2.18.4
    01:31:07 CONSOLE: Source) [spigot.jar:git-Spigot-2040c4c-1872231]
    01:31:07 CONSOLE: Source) [?:1.8.0_51]
    01:31:07 CONSOLE: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/massivecraft/factions/entity/MPlayer
  19. @sketaful It's because you're using a version of Factions that VentureChat doesn't support. But the real issue is /chwho didn't receive the update to allow the Factions hook to disabled. I'll have it fixed soon. Surprised this bug went unnoticed for so long.
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  20. No,% player_name% is still unusable