Spigot VentureChat 3.2.2

#1 Channels Chat plugin! Spigot + Bungee. Supports PlaceholderAPI + JSON formatting. New Hex Colors!

  1. The message file was not changed since the last version, and plugin was working great then.
    I was doing /chatreload when i created channels/edited config.

    Also i have tried resetting the folders of venturechat on the proxy, first server and 2nd server.
    After that, still same issue.
  2. @SupaYoshii You have to use PlaceholderAPI in the message formats. The new defaults are listed and explained in the defaultconfig.yml.

    The defaultconfig.yml is a copy of the most up to date config and it is automatically updated anytime there is an update to the config. It's a valuable resource to be checking whenever there are updates.

    If you don't update your message format, you will see random old placeholders instead of player names, etc. I'm sure you've already seen this if you ran the update without editing the config.


    And that's pretty funny. I've seen that video before and you can even watch from my perspective if you want!
    Definitely was not using any sort of hacked client.

    @Super284 You should restart the server when making major changes (like deleting or creating channels).

    And you have to make sure to delete the data files with the server turned off or they won't be regenerated.

    Did you make sure you have "bungeecord" set to true in your server's spigot.yml files and ipforwarding set to true in the bungeecord config?

    Edit: What's your server? Are you guy on the discord with the eyeballs emoji?
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  3. @Gamergeek1213 [​IMG]
    Taken straight from the tips section on the overview page...
  4. thanks im an idiot lol
  5. Confirming I'm having similar issues as many here. I've correctly used the new message format (been doing this a while as you know).

    Additionally, some players are no longer able to speak in global chat. Notably, these seem to happen when switching between focusing global and local. Really not sure.

    Some errors when players try to send messages:

    I don't get errors with the players who are not able to type in global - nor any indication from console or from command spy that they attempted to. The message just gets eaten.

    Also, the tab complete thing seems to be a bit bugged. Tab will bring up the list of all the people online, and you can scroll through them by repeating tab, but it doesn't have typical tab functionality of starting to type someone's name and tabbing from there to complete it. Doing that will automatically replace everything with the alphabetically first player online, always, overwriting anything you had started typing.

    I'm on Paper 467 (MC 1.16.5) and Waterfall 395, using VentureChat 2.21.1.

    Thanks as always for working on this and helping us morons out, dude.
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  6. @mercurialmusic Can you send me the data file from the server? These instances don't seem like possible null instances unless there is a data file issue. But it's strange you would run into that because I know you generally know what you're doing...

    I riled up the people on your server saying I'm from planet minecraft, please come on if you're available haha :)
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  7. Alright ill make sure of that.
    And ye thats my discord lol
  8. So i checked ip forwarding and bungeecord in spigot.yml were enabled.
  9. @Super284 The random issues are being investigated. @mercurialmusic had success just dropping off the latest hotfix.

    Both versions work fine for me... so it's definitely strange.
  10. Hello,
    I have been having an issue where players with no permissions are by default listening to the default [help] channel. I use this to give players help while not spamming the rest of the players' chat. I want to disable automatically listening to this channel. What is the best way to do this? Is it to turn off the autojoin in the config or some other way?
  11. @trevorrmurphy Setting autojoin to false will prevent players from automatically being placed into the channel when they join the server.

    They would have to manually listen to it with /listen or /channel. And manually leave it with /leave. You can also set players channel as an admin with /setchannel and /kickchannel.

    Anyone would be able to join the channel if they're feeling adventurous, unless you set a permissions node for it.
  12. Working on a new player data storage system to hopefully alleviate some issues that could stem from the old system of one large data file. This taking up a lot of development time so I appreciate everyone's patience!
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  13. Hello

    To start thank you for the latest update, thank you for the work done.


    1 - Delete the vision of self-typed commands in the /commandspy

    2- Delete in command /forceall players who are in vanish either put a bypass permission on the /forceall (a player with this permission could not be forced to make an order by the /forceall).
    for example: when running the command /forceall hello all players present sends the message hello in the chat, even players in Vanish. on my server we use vanish to do surveillance which is not very practical, after we do not serve the command / forceall every three minutes :D.

  14. Can we have a player be in a channel, but still be listening to another channel or more?

    Also, allow a player to /chat_alias message, but NOT /chat_alias to toggle into the channel?

    My hope is to have players default chat in Global, but then be able to send messages to a staff help channel. Once a staff has attended the player, they can run a command to remove the player from the help channel. They would not be able to leave Global channel.

    Also, is there a plot channel (for plotsquared) we can make?

    And lastly, can we somehow hide a channel from the channellist command?

    Oh, and how do we mute a channel?
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  15. Small bug report with version 2.21.1

    For no apparent reason some player at certain times can no longer send MP I encountered the problem on 2 different servers (one in Paper 1.14 and the other in paper 1.15) connected by a server waterfall.

    Both servers have exactly the same plugins with the same settings (not necessarily in the same version) and the same Venturechat setting (only the BDD settings differs).

    The bungeecordmessaging setting is enabled but is not used in the chat channels used by players.

    The concern is to present several times very randomly on the vmessage command and the vreply command

    I specify that my servers are redeached every 12 hours and I would say that over a 12 hour interval the problem has been encountered about ten times

    For 1.14 version of PaperMC

    For 1.15 version of PaperMC

  16. @Fetzu Players can always switch channels at will. They can focus into any channel they have permissions for.

    I have no clue what a plot channel means. You can create channels with the defined attributes in the config.

    Channel list shows all channels a player has permissions for.

    And read the overview, it goes over the basic commands... or just download the plugin and try it out, it's free.

    @Nogapra Sorry but commands like /forceall are just there for fun. I have no intentions of changing their functionality.

    Changing command spy is a maybe. Showing your own commands lets you know it's working easily.

    And you will have to downgrade to the previous version. The latest hotfix doesn't work for some people for unknown reasons. Works fine for me and I haven't been able to reproduce any of the issues. But I have witnessed them with @mercurialmusic who had success just going down to the previous version.
  17. @srnyx Can't load data file. Delete and try again.
  18. The new player data system is coming along nicely. Should have much better error handling and redundancy checks to avoid random issues... like seen above...

    Invalid data will be automatically discarded and each player will have their own data file to make it less likely all of the data becomes corrupted at once.