Spigot VentureChat 3.2.1

#1 Channels Chat plugin! Spigot + Bungee. Supports PlaceholderAPI + JSON formatting. New Hex Colors!

  1. Hi @Fire_77 just replace "%" by brackets "{" like that {luckperms_prefix}

    Is there a way to assign a custom over to a placeholders ?
    I've towny, so i would to show {townyadvanced_town_formatted} in hover of {townyadvanced_town} ?
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  2. I am trying to create, for example, a chat format for staffs, another for vips and another for users, but I have 2 problems sometimes other users do not see what they write and another problem is that how can I do that, for example, if a user goes to vip your chat becomes the one that corresponds to it? the chat format i am trying to do something similar to deluxechat but it is confusing for me this
  3. @Dovkin Probably not VentureChat. I don't handle nicknames, I use PlaceholderAPI. I parse all colors to the default Spigot &x&etc format.

    @Shivamzter That's not a feature. Use a dedicated plugin if you want advanced join/leave functionality. I recommend DeluxeJoin.

    Edit: I'll clarify that PlaceholderAPI is not a feature here. The specific placeolder is {player} I'm pretty sure. But I'd still recommend just using DeluxeJoin. It's quite good.

    @Fire_77 Chat plugins use bracket placeholders... like all the examples in the format that you deleted... And just FYI, {vault_prefix} and {player_displayname} output the exact same results as what you used. Just sayin

    @bibithom No, only the prefix, suffix, and displayname are supported for JSON at this time. Maybe in the future soon TM (there is no time frame for any enhancements, they come out as I make them)

    @ShaunaFurry When you type in chat, the message goes into whatever channel you're currently focused into. If the player has never changed channels, it would be the channel set as "default" in the config (there should only be one default).

    A player will receive messages from any channel they are listening to. You will listen to a channel when you change focus into it using /ch [channel] or /[channel alias] or you use /listen [channel]

    Use PlaceholderAPI placeholders to specify different variables for different players. Ranks, colors, etc.
    But the formats are still per channel, not per group, so you can't have any crazy deviances.
    #8763 Aust1n46, Feb 23, 2021
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  4. Thanks Aust1n46 ! It will be on displayname hover at this moment.
    Have a good day !
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  5. @Aust1n46 Yep, was just Paper. Latest #495 fixes the RGB/HEX username not being displayed correctly.
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  6. Is connecting a mysql database supposed to link names across bungeeservers? Was half-expecting this to be the main feature TO link up a mysql database for the plugin, and was heavily turned down when that isn't what happened. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong?
  7. @Dovkin Nope, the database is for logging chat. VentureChat barely handles nicknames. I just set the displayname and that's it. My /setnickname command is just a filler in case you don't have another plugin like Essentials. There are other dedicated nickname managers that might offer BungeeCord nicknames, but that's out of scope for VentureChat. At least for now. And I'd probably sync them internally if I did offer this feature. It wouldn't require a database.

    Googled pulled this up:

    I used to recommend Nicky, but it's not updated.

    In general, whenever there are dedicated plugins for a particular feature, I just recommend them instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. Which is why, for example, I recommend the use of DeluxeJoin versus the join/leave in the config of VentureChat. No need for me to improve that feature when another plugin already offers it.
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  8. Would be nice to see a feature of this at some point in the near future so I'm not required to download yet another plugin :LOL:
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  9. @Dovkin I still recommend using dedicated plugins wherever possible. Having lots of plugins isn't a bad thing if they're well written.

    And it allows me to focus on the core unique features of VentureChat.
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  10. Hi! Is this compatible with a Discord - Minecraft bridge plugin? And is it possible to hide specific custom channels so they dont show in Discord? for example staff channel.
  11. @Maliin DiscordSRV

    It's per channel. Their setup should cover everything you need to know. Formatting, etc is all handled through their configs.
  12. Hey man - I've been sitting on this for several days trying to figure it out, but I honestly can't. It's not a big deal, but mildly annoying - preferences (notably focused channels and the spy options) are randomly being reset. It never seems to happen within a session, but only randomly happens between server changes/relogs/restarts. I have not been able to reliably duplicate it over the last several days. I've tried varying session length, varying the `saveinterval:` on all servers (varying between the default 30 and an increased interval of 5 mins, each with restarts in between, not reloads), and none of that seems to affect it. It's random and relatively infrequent, but does seem to happen at least daily.

    It's mostly only noticeable by staff when our focused staff or admin channels are randomly reset to global (oops!) and when our spy options reset to off, but regular players have noticed rarely that their preference for local or global is occasionally reset.

    I'll also note that I did end up resetting player data before we moved to the new lookup system. Just wanted to give it all a fresh start.

    Any ideas? Anything else I could try tweaking? Thanks as always!
  13. @mercurialmusic If there is any issue loading a player data file, it is skipped and deleted. Each time this occurs, there will be a red warning message in the console.
  14. Sorry, I should have mentioned -- I went through the logs for the last few days and had also been keeping an eye on it passively/checked when it happened. I have not seen any relevant errors, which is also largely why I suspected something amiss with saving intervals rather than data corruption.

    I may also be searching for the wrong thing in my log reviews - used both mineverse and venturechat as search terms. If you have a more precise error message I can search for that?
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  15. I've noticed that the whisper feature tends to always come up with "Unknown Command", ever since a fresh install of the chat system.

    I'm using a newly created Waterfall Server, and I have Venturechat in the Proxy, as well as each server. I verified that the config file is showing No permission needed for the following:
    Code (Text):
        arguments: 1
        permissions: None
        - 'Command: /vtell $'
        arguments: 1
        permissions: None
        - 'Command: /vwhisper $'
        arguments: 1
        permissions: None
        - 'Command: /vwhisper $'
        arguments: 1
        permissions: None
        - 'Command: /vmessage $'
        arguments: 1
        permissions: None
        - 'Command: /vmessage $'
    I've tried the following:

    These all come back as Unknown commands.

    I'm also noticing that /vwhisper and /vmessage do not appear as commands in the suggestions.. However, I am able to do /venturechat:vmessage
    What would you recommend I verify to rectify this issue?
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  16. @AaronAustin Locate and remove whatever setting or plugin is interfering with the commands. If config aliases (which have higher priority than even commands) aren't working, it's another plugin listening at a higher priority.

    You can try with just VentureChat and it's dependencies on a test server and it should work as intended. Those aliases in the config are optional too. I just put them in there by default to get around some common command conflicts.

    @mercurialmusic Should save when the server reboots. Could also be a Bungee sync issue, but not if it's affecting the entire player profile.
    #8776 Aust1n46, Feb 27, 2021
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2021
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  17. Found a lil buggy: /msg doesn't work with incorrect name capitalization.
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  18. Hi there! Is there any option how to register alias command as bungee registered aliases? So the tab completion will work?
  19. I have setup a Town channel for TownyAdvanced as such:

    Code (Text):
        color: aqua
        chatcolor: aqua
        mutable: false
        filter: false
        autojoin: false
        default: false
        distance: 0
        cooldown: 0
        bungeecord: false
        alias: tc
        permissions: None
        speak_permissions: None
        format: '&f[&3&lTC&f] {townyadvanced_nation_tag}{townyadvanced_town_tag} {player_displayname}:'
    And now whenever I do /tc [text] as a player without a town I can type without an issue and it sends in to a TC where no one is in, but when I try /channel join tc it says "[Towny] You cannot join town", how can I block players without a town from using /tc [text] when they're not in a town?
  20. is there a way to create formats? For donators that have a different color in chat etc. but everyone can still hear them?