Spigot VentureChat 3.4.1

#1 Channels Chat plugin! Spigot + Bungee. Supports PlaceholderAPI + JSON formatting. New Hex Colors!

  1. @fluez "Some reason" is because the sync isn't working. If you have BungeeCord set to true in the spigot.yml, the sync will kick off and it will retry until it succeeds. You can test if the sync is working by deleting the player data on the BungeeCord and seeing if it regenerates next time you login. You must delete the player data with the server turned off!

    You can also just test regular features such as muting carrying over between servers (for BungeeCord channels). All of these features rely on the sync.

    @srnyx The better question is does Waterfall support BungeeCord plugins. If the answer is yes, than it should work.

    @kacperleague9 I don't know what that means.

    @Arthurhawk If you're truly using a default config, the global channel is not a BungeeCord channel and will work with no further setup. BungeeCord channels require the plugin to additionally be installed on BungeeCord.

    If you press enter and nothing at all appears, it's probably a BungeeCord channel with no BungeeCord setup. The chat request goes out into a blackhole.

    A proper test should also be done on a server with only VentureChat and it's required dependencies to rule out any interference.
  2. Yeah, but I'm getting VentureChat errors in all the Spigot servers
  3. I want specific chat in specific worldguard region
  4. Please include the option to make ignore/unignore two separate commands instead of a toggle
  5. Is there a way to have tab completion for player usernames when attempting to message them? Also if theirs a way to partially type an individuals name and it message the individual with the most similar name that'd be cool.
  6. I'm syncing chat to discord with discordsrv and venturechat. But I got mutliple servers connected and it only works when there is a player online in the server with discordsrv installed on it. Is there a way to add a fake player to keep the chat alive in the server with discordsrv when there is no-one online?
  7. @GamerSynchro Messaging already has network wide tab completion implemented in a way to give command priority to VentureChat. Should always have priority unless there is another plugin fighting to the death to have priority.

    You'll have to test command conflicts by adding/removing plugins in a test environment.

    @srnyx Need more details, you know the drill. Waterfall is just a fork of BungeeCord isn't it? I'm pretty sure I've seen people using it before. Verify your current setup works with regular BungeeCord.

    @kacperleague9 A specific channel for a worldguard region? Probably not possible unless you create an integration to do that. Channels can have a range in blocks, but of course that has no bearing on a worldguard region.

    It's definitely something you could develop using the API.

    @SirMario That is a caveat of the experimental single bot BungeeCord setting in DiscordSRV. The players connection is what is important, a fake player wouldn't have a connection to use. You could afk alt accounts on each server if you wanted.

    Or you could use the original and most common DiscordSRV setup and have DiscordSRV on each server with each server having it's own bot.

    @Pixelus What is the use case for that?
  8. It seems like I'm not getting them anymore. I'll let you know if I get them again though.
  9. It's actually very strange I still can't figure out why it's doing this it's nothing to do with Bungee it literally only happens if I keep Global as default, if I change default to false from true, I can talk in global without issues...
  10. Im using SaberFactions , i tried to delete it , the plugin works well without it.
  11. you have to disable chattag in conf.json i think, but venturechat doesnt support relation colors i think, i had same problem but i figured it out.
  12. Are there supposed to be more than 2 party permissions? I can't get them to work with the venturechat.party and venturechat.party.help enabled
  13. Thanks , it did work well!
  14. @R0BlN
    Code (Text):
    These are the additional permissions on top of the base "venturechat.party"
  15. Hi, i have this problems with vchat. I don't want the filter option, i have disabled it in all channels but it seems im unable to disable it in private conversation. The second problem is whenever i enter a sleepingserver or server where i wasn't online all the previous private messages would pop up at once in my chat but also in the chat of the other person and that can be really confusing. The third problem is a minor but still... I have the offline acknowledgment set to true but still getting an error in the console that the offline user will not be saved.
  16. Looks like venturechat is blocking chat triggers on denizen NPCs, is there a fix for that?
    - Edit, found several entries where other have tried to fix it and the load order is not the solution

    Kind of a super critical thing, can you please add a compatibility mode or priority setting... or even a way to hook into the app with depenizen?
    #9917 avtario, Nov 21, 2021
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  17. Why the /nick not sync with server on network
  18. @Hiencao-12 VentureChat has no /nick command. Use a dedicated nickname plugin if you want that feature. Such as NickNamer or Nicky.

    @pajis Then remove all of the filters and mark it as an empty array.

    I can't reproduce any messaging issues like that with both BungeeCord and Velocity. The plugin checks if there are players online before attempting to send the message.

    I suggest using a regular version of BungeeCord or Velocity with proper setup and verifying if it works. If not, you should compile steps to reproduce or there is nothing I can do.

    The offline flag needs to be set on every server and on the proxy. Offline mode isn't fully supported, which is why that flag is there. I encourage people to buy the game.

    @avtario Compatibility for what? VentureChat cancels the event after every other plugin has had a chance to listen on it. VentureChat also fires it's own chat event.

    I don't know what you want me to do. Feel free to contribute to either plugin if you want to create an addon.
  19. @Aust1n46 I removed them already and im using waterfall.