Spigot VentureChat 3.3.1

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  1. @Ryzech What does "replace with" mean? Specify the event you are trying to use.
  2. AsyncChatEvent is the event, and by replace i mean using event.message("message here") to change the message of the chat event
  3. @Ryzech VentureChat cancels the event with a priority of Highest. You can't change the message, only listen to the event and make decisions before VentureChat ultimately terminates and processes the event.

    What are you trying to do?
  4. so my team is making a plugin that checks the messages being sent, sends them to a python ai model behind an api, then if it detects the messages as toxic or harmful it censors them, which i need to replace the message to censor it
  5. @Ryzech Using an event priority under Highest will give you access to the event before it reaches VentureChat. However, it sounds like you're calling out to 3rd party services asynchronously, and without blocking the main thread, I don't think you'll keep your position in the event priority hierarchy.
  6. Hm, so no way to do this with having it async?
  7. @Ryzech The server isn't going to wait until you get back a response before moving onto the next event listener in the queue. By that time, VentureChat has already cancelled the event. Has to be synchronous or hook into chat plugins.

    Or integrate a model directly into your plugin using something like https://www.jbpm.org/

    You can test what I said above by listening on Normal and changing the event message to a fixed message and running it with VentureChat. It should change the message.
  8. Sorry. I'm not used to VentureChat and I suck att json :p

    When in the config you have these parts:
    Code (Text):
        priority: 10000
            - ''
            - ''
            - ''
            click_action: ''
            click_text: ''
            - ''
            click_action: ''
            click_text: ''
            - ''
            - ''
            click_action: ''
            click_text: ''
    It allows you to add what shows on mouse over, when you click on the group, prefix, name etc.

    Can I add suffix as well to that?

    EDIT: Nevermind. Figured it out.
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  9. Hey there, I use "/server" as a server switching menu, but since adding this plugin, it seems to want to do something with a party? Is there a way to disable this? Frankly I'm not even sure what the command is attempting to do regardless lol.

    Also, is there a way to change the way the moderation GUI runs a command? I'd like all my moderation commands to run through litebans, but even with the proper syntax, it attempts to run them through VentureChat.
  10. Can't find any /server command in VentureChat. I do know the 'party' part of the plugin ruins a lot of other plugins though. I have to go into the plugin.yml file in the venturechat.jar file and remove:
    Code (Text):
            usage: /party help
            aliases: [p,chatparty,cp,vparty]
            description: Party commands
            permission-message: You don't have <permission>
  11. Oh okay thank you, if I can remove that with no harm that should work fine. Any info on my litebans moderation GUI question?
  12. Never actually used the moderation gui since I've made my own GUI for most things I need.
    ususally though, when a command fail to work, it can be used with the longer commands where you use the full name of the plugin first.
  13. Shoot for some reason I assumed you were the plugin dev lmao, okay gotcha. Yeah I'm typically in the same boat I just saw it mentioned that the GUI couldn't even be disabled so I figured I'd try to work with it. I also tried the full name but that didn't seem to work either. Appreciate the help though, I'll see if the dev pops in
  14. How do you mean Venture chat "takes over" I can't find either /server or any ban commands in venture chat?
  15. like it just overrides my previous /server command, I was able to band-aid it by doing a loadbefore on the other plugin, but yeah it's odd, I wasn't able to find it anywhere either...
  16. Hello, I was wondering if there is an ETA for rhis to be updated to 1.18
  17. Great plugin! , you can do really everything with it if it is chat related .
    But please make it 1.18 compatible so I can use it also on that version because it throws muchhhh errors
  18. I get many errors too
  19. Lol. Many errors? Massive errors.
  20. yes, my server log grows more than half a gb a day just bc of this xd