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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Gcunha, Aug 15, 2018.

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  1. Hey guys,
    Im trying to find how can I verify if a player whos joining my server has premium account or cracked one. I've searched something like that in google and this forum before asking for your help, but I could have missed some intresting thread, if I did, please I would aprecciate if you show me then.
  2. Check the online mode of the server. If it's true, everyone has premium. If not, you gotta implement some compilcated fuckery with the mojang API.
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  3. But i want both of them to join the server...
  4. Use Mojang's API, and if they're premium, add them to an array. Now you can just check if their name is on the premium array and then you can do anything you want with them.
  5. I'm doing a auto-login system (premium players can bypass auth). So with this method if a player join using a premium name in a cracked device it will give me a false alert telling that the player is premium. Do you know any other methods?
  6. No, cracked players will always be able to join as a premium players username. Legit unless they use a custom client, you wont be able to tell the difference.
  7. You are wrong. I've seen plugins like that. I'll take a look at the minecraft source, to see how they handle online-mode: true
  8. ScarabCoder

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    Yeah no, this will take many hours of modifying the login system. Premium players become cracked players when they join a cracked server. There is literally no difference when the server is in offline mode. UUIDs are decided by the server, not the client. The only difference between a cracked and premium account is that a cracked account won't respond to a login request where a premium one will. A cracked server obviously doesn't ask for authentication.

    EDIT: Don't use offline mode. It's not worth it. You're polluting your playerbase, and you really should not support people illegally using Minecraft.
  9. It's possible, go take a look at FastLogin plugin, I think it's open source so it makes your life easier.
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  10. UUIDs are decided by mojang and not the server. Thanks for your help. I dont support people using cracked Minecraft, but in Brazil 80% of the population dont have money to buy it, so either I do a cracked server or i dont.

    Thank you! Aprecciate your help.
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    When a player buys Minecraft, they are decided by Mojang. But when they join the server, the server tells them what their UUID is. Usually the server gets it from Mojang, otherwise it's generated via the username.
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