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  1. Is 1.15.1 still bad for survival servers like 1.14? I have a lot of players waiting for the server to come back, but I had a lot of problems with 1.14, should I use 1.13.2 for now until some miracle or is it a better version than 1.13.2?
  2. 1.15.1 has been running okay for me. It keeps the cpu nice and warm, but besides that players have been able to play.
  3. How many players do you have on? Your server and survival?
  4. Few servers with 5 players, few servers with 15 players, few servers with 50 players, etc..
    The more players, the more 'tweaks' are needed, true, but it's not as bad as 1.14.4 is.
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  5. How do you deal with villagers farms?