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  1. Hello everyone, is it possible to use blocks from 1.14 to 1.8 in some way? or will I have to create the plugins in 1.14 and support 1.8?
  2. When your server is on 1.8, you can’t use blocks from 1.14.

    if you want your plugin written for 1.14 to also support 1.8 you have 2 options:

    1- either develop individual releases for each version.
    Like my_plugin_1.8.8.jar, my_plugin_1.14.jar

    2-or if you have a fairly simple plugin, make sure your plugin is downwards compatible by testing it. Most of the API stays the same so not much will need to change.

    A simple one command plugin (let’s say /heal) will work on all versions regardless of the server version coded for, whereas more complex plugins will often not.
    You’ll often have problems with depreciated methods etc. (e.g. the off-hand added in 1.9).

    So if you have to choose between two versions, I’d recommend you always using the newer one.

    And I really liked this take I saw on another post by @drives_a_ford , and I thought it was informative, so maybe this is helpful for you too. So cross posting it here:
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  3. so if i create a plugin using the spigot api in 1.8 and put it in version 1.14 will it work?
  4. Depends on what you're doing. Some things have changed, not all.
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