Very High Ticks

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by AusCoNetwork, Aug 1, 2015.

  1. Over the last few days I have been monitoring my server (Timings and such, hoping at the end to get a stable 20 TPS overall.

    I have been puzzled as to why some plugins are returning ticks over 10,000. I was just wondering if anyone could help uncover the problem.


    - The AusCo Team
  2. 10,000 ticks per second? Did I read that correctly?
  3. Yeah I'm puzzled too. Not sure if it's McMMO or my server..
  4. What are your server specs?
  5. It might be a long running asynchronous task. Although it takes up a large tick count, if its async, it's not actually competing with anything on the main thread.
  6. CPU - E5-1650v2
    RAM - 2GB ECC 1600MHz
    SSD - 600MB/s Read & Write
  7. So is this bad or should I just let it do its thing? I havent seen anything like this before so I'm not sure what to do.
  8. If it was async, probably not a problem. I just did a search for PowerLevelUpdatingTask in mcMMO's GitHub repo and it turns out it's NOT async. The count is 0 though so the high usage was probably a one time thing. Try taking more timings to see if mcMMO is always using that much.

    Holographic displays looks like more of a concern since it uses more ticks somewhat consistently. (9.4K count)

    TBH, your TPS of 19.14 is good. That extra .86 is splitting hairs.

  9. Ahh, ok. Houston, we have a problem. Yeah, I have taken multiple timings of the server and each time it returns around the same readings. Should I try updating McMMO or even Spigot to the latest version? In terms of HolographicsDisplay, should I use less holograms or even try to find a new version of HolographicDisplays?

    Thanks for replying quite quick.
  10. I can't be of much help in diagnosing those plugins since I didn't make them nor do I use them. You'd probably be better off contacting the developers of those plugins to see what they say.
  11. Good idea :) I'll get on to doing that now :) Thanks so much for your help.
  12. Do update them first.
  13. McMMO - I still only have the 1.5.00 build due to myself not purchasing the premium
    McMMO available on Spigot. Will defiently be updating soon.

    Spigot - 1.8.7, I will update to 1.8.8 either today or tommorow. I doubt this will improve performance but it's worth a shot.

    Holographic Displays - Latest Version. Not the main issue of this thread but still a biggie.
  14. McMMO update may work. You'll have to buy it though. If it doesn't work there's a bug tracker here:
  15. Mmm, that's what I'm afraid of. At the moment I don't feel like forking out another $10, but hey, I guess you have to spend money to make money.

    Thanks for your help :)