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  1. Dear spigot community,

    i am the owner of a network with a few hundert players online every day. For our new gamemode we rented a server with 32 GB RAM and an Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz. I installed Java 8 and screen and started the server with 20GB RAM.

    I opend the server and about 20 Players joined the game (it should have been 150). With 20 online it started to lag and about nothing worked. Everything has a delay of a few seconds. How is that possible? What could I do?

    I´m running Spigot 1.8.8.


  2. You could use spigot timings to look into what exactly is lagging you. It could be anywhere from a plugin, to a player spawning thousands of cows in a remote corner of your map :)
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  3. I agree with @Ampayne2 , if you do not know what is lagging you you should try using timings
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  4. Ok, I did two timings. As I tought that my moveevent could cause the lags, I disabled it for timings.txt, in timings1.txt my plugin is completly enabled. I can´t see anything wrong in the files. Do you see something I could change to make it work better?

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  5. I am not a timings expert but:
    - What is this: Plugin: FalldamagedTide v1.0 ? Shows so many errors ...
    - Farmworld seems pretty heavy as well
    Can you try without those 2 and see if it working better ?

    PS: Also you did not link the timing id
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  6. Why would you need to give a single server 20GB of RAM?

    I don't think the lag is coming from a plugin but rather the server RAM (or the majority)
    I forgot why exactly but it has to do with the garbage collector.
    Try around 8GB.
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  7. First of all I have a 2gb ram server and I can spawn in 5000 mobs and not lag. Are you sure it's not your internet?
  8. Try removing FalldamagedTide and farmworld (plugins) one at a time and see if the error is resolved. FalldamagedTide has a lot of errors so you should get those fixed, and farmworld seems to be pretty heavy so you might want to see if you can look into optimizing the plugin.
  9. There is something wrong in the matrix ....
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  10. We must investigate!!!11
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  11. He rented a server .... " For our new gamemode we rented a server with 32 GB RAM and an Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz"
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  12. I think he meant if he was on the server and if his internet was just being slow, causing him (the client) to receive data at slow rates (lag)
  13. I wouldn't make the assumption that the owner of a "network with a few hundred players online every day" tests with 20 players online, but he is posting here based on his experience only .... :D. Also this is another server ... for a new game-mode ... so nah

    PS: ... even with ADSL you can play minecraft ok.
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  14. I know you can play Minecraft with ADSL, I have it too.
  15. Ok ok thanks for all the replays.
    Cant be the internet got a 100mb/s on both ends (client and server).
    Plugins and Farmworld a both for the gamemode are you sure they cause the lags? Whats wrong with the plugin?

  16. Check your files .. those 2 plugins are having errors.
    I don't know all the features of Farmworld, but for a refreshing mining/farming world you can create a world in Multiverse, make a portal to it and delete the word with a script every X weeks.
    I dont know the other plugin ...
    Anyway test it without .. and see if this solves the issue ... at least you understand the root cause ... you'll figure out after what to do about the features of those 2 plugins .... (I gave you a simple solution for one of them)
  17. There is no plugin called farmworld its just a world. Whats wrong with this world and can someone tell me where you get the Informationen from that the plugin causes the lags? Thx
  18. My bad if is a world ... just delete the other one and restart to see if this is the issue ...

    Check here
  19. .. and please use this if you want to see more. The console does not tell you the full story
  20. You mean the violations don't you? What do they mean? Are they like exeptions in java?