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  1. Hello,

    I've some strange problems lately for some reason my server makes every one disconnect. Here is my log when it happens:

    This also happens on our test server same time. Could this have to do with multicraft or spigot? Basically every one gets kicked and can then rejoin the server doesn't go down.

    Edit: Just found out the server does this every hour! Exactly on 20:00, 21:00 etc...

  2. joehot200


    1. 2013-06-09 21:03:03 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Zuriki: /f show thebest3
    2. 2013-06-09 21:04:02 [INFO] Zuriki lost connection: disconnect.endOfStream
    That was the first disconnect, so it seems like the command somehow did something. Im guessing here, but its kindof strange that someone does a command and they are the first one to disconnect.

    Try updating/changeing version of factions? (it probably isnt the error but always pays to make sure)

    Anything else i cant help you with.
  3. No it isn't that I'm 100% sure it does this every hour exactly on 20:00, 21:00. It goes on every hour there are not errors before this happens.
  4. LiLChris

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    Do you have a backup running every hour?
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  5. Or are you on shared hosting? eg. a VPS?
  6. YoFuzzy3


    How on earth could that be the cause if that player got disconnected a minute after using the command? >_<
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  7. externo6


    Hourly backups can be a killer on disk IO.
  8. There are no backups running etc. Really strange problem :/ Does any one got a single clue?
  9. externo6


    Are you on a dedicated server or shared hosting?
  10. Dedicated server by OVH. Running centos 6 didn't change anything he seems to reset all connections every hour?
  11. joehot200


    Not having the same problem as me, are you? (That the OVH 'DDoS protection' was blocking incoming connections)
  12. externo6


    What build of spigot?
  13. Wow this might be it. My server was getting a small ddos attack a week ago. I tried to look in puty to see what kind of ddos so I could block it. However I was constantly getting kicked out. The server went down from the ddos so I thought welp I'll update and start it aigan. For hours I couldn't upload and I was instantly kicked or something lost connection. So a friend updated it and started it up I couldn't connect or log in or anything. The next day I was able to log in and work on it again but ever since that moment we have this issue. Just every exact hour around 16:00, 17:00 all connections get dropped for like 1 minute and then they come up again. So in total 24 disconnection drops everyday. I will contact OVH.
  14. joehot200


    @aXed, it is the same for me, it started happening after a 40Mbps attack lasting about 9 hours or more :D.
    Try emailing their support ;).