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  1. So whenever I build on my minecraft server it just crashes. Ill provide console error messages if needed! Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 9.19.07 AM.png
  2. This error isn’t related to BungeeCord, try to add more Ram to yout Build server and try to find erros on console. ;)
  3. Console error messages needed.
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  4. It looks like your using the Schematica mod. Is this only when you use the mod or when you just place any block without the printer on? Using the printer might be causing too much of a resource demand for your server causing it to crash.
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  5. So much for the "very urgent" part. We're asking for info, yet OP hasn't responded in 24 hours.

    I'm gonna copy what @Darthmineboy has already mentioned:

    It's completely impossible for us to determine why your server is crashing, and obviously we need a lot more context and info to fix this. Server specs, a plugin list, console logs, crash logs, you name it.
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