Spigot vHack - THE BIG UPDATE! 5.1

Hack enemies, earn money and become the best of the server!

  1. iAmGio submitted a new resource:

    vHack - Hack enemies, earn money and become the best of the server!

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  2. I genuienly though this was hack client xD
  3. xD
  4. I love vHack on the phone. Just making sure, did you have permission to make this?
  5. It's not copyrighted.
  6. I know. And regardless of their answer, you can still do it, but you should at least ask out of respect.
  7. Thank you so much :)
  8. Could you update the config so its possible to disable buying packages?
    Great plugin btw
    EDIT: Also, I would like the ability to able to sync vHack economy with the server economy
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  9. 1. Yes, I will
    2. I don't know, it should be a separated economy
  10. Could you add like some sort of stamina system or cool down system to stop spamming of hacks? Thanks.
    EDIT: So, like people gain 1 stamina every 10 minutes, which can stake up to something like 10 and like, every attack uses 1 stamina
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  11. Finally I decided to work seriously on the GUI/messages customization
  12. Probably tomorrow the big update will be published :)
  13. iAmGio updated vHack with a new update entry:

    The big update!

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  14. If you have an older version, delete the old config :)
  15. Please add stamina or make it so that the messages go through the action bar.
    Currently can't use vHack because it spams the chat.
  16. 嗨,我可以將你的vHACK翻譯成中文嗎?請問我能翻譯成中文嗎?