Universal ViaCheckConnection 1.2.14d-SNAPSHOT

Send a message with the name of the version you are connected to the server

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    ViaCheckConnection - Send a message with the version you are connected from the server

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  2. I love this plugin! It does everything it says! :D

    I love that their is BungeeCord Support!

    Even if the plugin is a addon!
  3. Thanks you ! And yes it is like an addon from ViaVersion (not official) don't forget to set a review :D
  4. I won't :)
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  6. I put this under my .jar folder for versions the server i.e. what version the server runs on. This was on a Hosthorde server.
  7. I dont understand, it is a bug ? An idea ?
  8. Ok, I understand, you can use this plugin on : 1.8, 1.9, 1.10 and 1.11 (I don't tested for 1.9-1.11)
  9. Oh its a plug-in. When i searched spigot 17w06a I go this so I thought it was a version.
  10. Okay, so this plugin only gives the player a message with his version? Isn't the Client already informed by the Minecraft Program Title? :eek:
  11. Yes but it is a code of I give for you (an exemple from the API of ViaVersion).
  12. Hi, you can edit the messages with the source code :)
    If you don't know how do, I can help you
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