Universal ViaVersion 4.0.1

Allow newer versions to connect, why lose players after a Minecraft update?

  1. I know, but 1.8 is not supported in Spigot so I cannot help, I don't run a 1.8 server anymore :(
  2. Yeah but lots of people still use it.
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  3. So you use all donations to pizzas? hmmm
  4. Hi I have a 1.8.8 server, I am using 1.8.8 bungeecord server for my proxy, and the hub is also 1.8.8. I have viaversion working properly on my 1.8.8 factions server, and hub server but when I try to put it on my bungeecord server it does not work. I see there is viabackwards, so I was thinking to just use that and have the latest bungeecord BUT I can't as I need 1.8 players to connect as thats what my servers are. The reason I am using viaversion is because I want to add a creative server with latest minecraft for other players but I can't have anyone connect to the server from anything over 1.8 because they have to go through my bungee server :/
  5. Why 1.12 client cannot connect to 1.12.2 server?even with viabackward
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    Only if requested in the note :p

    Provide more info, output of "/viaversion dump", any extra info we might need to know etc.
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  7. @Mylescomputer or someone else?
    Can someone else explain if and how i can get people with 1.12 and 1.12.1 on my 1.12.2 server.
    I have a server network with Bungeecord with Viaversion and under that multiple server, one with mc 1.8.8 and one with mc 1.12.2.
    For the 1.12.2 i want to be able to let 1.12 and 1.12.1 clients join, since with that version the blocks and mechanics are still the same.
  8. On (spigot 1.8.x) put ViaVersion and nothing more.
    On (spigot 1.12.2) put ProtocolSupport and nothing more.
    On (spigot 1.12) put ViaVersion and ProtocolSupport.
    On (bungeecord) I suggest you put nothing, as ViaVersion in bungee can increase cpu load by 10-15% if you have heavy anticheats and stuff.
  9. FormallyMyles


    This, or if you don't mind cpu load increase, you can use ViaVersion + ViaBackwards on BungeeCord
  10. I don't mind the CPU load, we have enough resources for that.
    Will discuss with the team what we will do, all 1.12 or just 1.12.2.
    Thanks for the help.
  11. Viaversion doesnt work with bungeecord 1.8.8. My main server is a 1.8.8 spigot server which means i cant use viabackwards on my bungee server as it only supports down to 1.9 so the server itself must stay the same version of bungee for players to be able to connect rhrough the proxy to the hub and then to the factions server.

    Is there any way to get viaversion to work on bungee 1.8.8?
  12. FormallyMyles


    Update your BungeeCord?

    I'm not really sure why you can't update BungeeCord.
  13. i almost got the same problem
    I`m trying to connect to my Lobby with 1.12.2 and the Server is 1.8.9
  14. We run 1.12.2 with ViaVersion/ViaBackwards and I wonder if it would be perhaps easier if we just want say 1.11 and 1.12 clients to connect but nothing else, that we can give a range? "0-200" (not allowing any client between 0 and 200 to connect) instead of having to enter each number individually?

    Anyway, could we perhaps have a little extra argument for /viaver list, adding <player> behind it? When there are 100+ players online and we're just looking for helping one person with an issue, it's nicer to just /viaver list Notch
  15. Here's the code I use to log the version each player is using when he joins the server. You could certainly turn this into a plugin to look up a particular player.

    Code (Text):
    public void onPlayerJoin(PlayerJoinEvent e)
      Player player = e.getPlayer();
      ViaAPI api = Via.getAPI(); // Get the API
      int version = api.getPlayerVersion(player); // Get the protocol version
      ProtocolVersion key = ProtocolVersion.getProtocol(version);
      getLogger().info(player.getName() + " is using version " + key.toString() + ".");
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  16. FormallyMyles


    You can pull the numbers from the "/viaversion dump" paste if it makes your life easier (Then remove the ones you want to allow). We may consider adding it as a feature as it's something that's now been suggested a few times.

    In regards to the latter, it's definitely something that would be useful and I'll probably look into :) (Though you could use Bobcat's idea for now if you really need it)
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  17. [08:54:29] [Netty Server IO #2/WARN]: [ViaBackwards] Metadata for entity id: 126777 not sent because the entity doesn't exist. MetaStorage(metaDataList=[Metadata(id=0, metaType=Byte, value=0), Metadata(id=2, metaType=String, value=), Metadata(id=6, metaType=Byte, value=0), Metadata(id=4, metaType=Boolean, value=false), Metadata(id=14, metaType=Byte, value=1), Metadata(id=12, metaType=VarInt, value=0), Metadata(id=13, metaType=Byte, value=127), Metadata(id=8, metaType=VarInt, value=2039587), Metadata(id=9, metaType=Boolean, value=true), Metadata(id=11, metaType=Float, value=0.0), Metadata(id=10, metaType=VarInt, value=0), Metadata(id=1, metaType=VarInt, value=300), Metadata(id=3, metaType=Boolean, value=false), Metadata(id=7, metaType=Float, value=20.0), Metadata(id=5, metaType=Boolean, value=false)])
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    This isn't related to ViaVersion directly, but i'd say that you probably have a plugin sending bad entity data. You can supress errors like these in the ViaVersion config under suppress-metadata-errors.
  19. Hi, a have a problem.. when i install viaversion, this will not work..im running spigot 1.12. can you please help me figure out how to fix it? thanks.