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Allow newer versions to connect, why lose players while waiting after a Minecraft update?

  1. Is it possible to use this on a Bungeeserver? I added it to lobby server. Loads without error, but still get get Outdated server error when attempting to connect.
  2. tried and failed
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  3. TitanicFreak


    Bungee doesn't support 1.9.
  4. This plugin is meant to allow players on a 1.9 client to be able to connect to a 1.8 client server. Therefore this plugin "could" be setup to support BungeeCord in theory and allow the same concept as a Spigot server. At least I believe so.
  5. can't not Join my server on 1.9 this server give me a message Server is up to date on : 1.8.8 Spigot ...
  6. FormallyMyles


  7. Not compatible with ProtcolLib.
  8. I believe the issue with that error I posted has to do with players being near spawn, when I teleported them away from spawn they did not get kicked.
  9. i need ProtocolLib
  10. FormallyMyles


    As soon as possible, working on getting the bigger bugs squashed first.
  11. FormallyMyles


    Try with latest version 0.3?
  12. can you add Support for ProtocoLib ?
  13. Still having the problem
  14. Still an issue with existing worlds and the signs in that existing world.
  15. 0.3 not join with 1.9
  16. I hope you can make it compatible whith protocollib :p, and i really need this on my server..
  17. Nice, but could you add a BungeeCord feature? :)
  18. It has just been released, don't rush him :)
    Just be patient for a bit, i am happy somebody started creating a plugin for it :)
    Kudos @Mylescomputer
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