[VIDEO] Minecraft Servers: Why They're So Great [EULA]

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  1. @treestompz - Eh, nice work. Your Chapter 2 could use some work.

    It's also worth mentioning that for-profit servers really are a minority, while they host the majority of players. It's also worth mentioning that most plugins used today are free and donated by developers who in turn get very little of the money that these servers make with their plugins. So, in this case, its not clear that money really drives innovation.

    You also don't really touch on how YouTubers are very different from Server Owners. You try to falsely equate the two, and it doesn't really do any favors for your argument. Namely, a YouTube video does not affect the actual use of the game. That is, a minecraft server is where a Mojang customer might spend the vast majority of the time using their product. As such, they have a vested interest in the image of their product experience. This is quite different from portrayal, association, and publicity that YouTube'rs give Mojang.

    It's also worth mentioning that Bungee and Spigot are both OSS and free. Again, what fraction of the money made using Bungee does md_5 see? Do he and others work on Bungee and Spigot because of the percentage of revenue that they receive?

    You also really underestimate what you can do with client-side mods. You CAN switch from server to server instantly, you CAN transfer items between servers, you CAN join servers instantly with clientside mods. Forge, an OSS solution, has created a phenomenal API for client and server modding. FTB creates and maintains 'universal' configurations so that players can load whatever mods they'd like instantaneously... mixing and matching at will. ALL without the millions that Mineplex, Hypixel, Shotbow, etc etc make.

    There is actually a case to be made that there is more content within mods than there are in any server-side plugins currently out there. There are many more possibilities for creativity, complexity, and enjoyment in free mods. Again, all without the vast sums of money being made on these pay2win servers.

    You make a great case for the server and the server owner. You haven't really made a good argument for the for-profit environment.
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  2. That was a great video and I totally agree.
    Thank you putting down the time to create that video. :)
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  3. Both of these things are mentioned and I even have an entire section dedicated to saying I am aware that there are servers that are not for-profit. As I said a few times in the video, I am ONLY discussing for-profit servers.

    I don't think I try to equate the two. The rest of the stuff you say here doesn't really make much sense to me. First you say "Namely, a YouTube video does not affect the actual use of the game." Then you say "This is quite different from portrayal, association, and publicity that YouTube'rs give Mojang." Sounds like they do affect the use of game after reading this. I am struggling to find anything worth commenting on here.

    I do not mention Spigot in the video. It has no relevance. This video goal is not to mention everything I am possibly aware of. It's not worth mentioning Bungee and Spigot are open source. I think all of us know md_5 develops this stuff with no expectation to make money. This has nothing to do with the video's goal: to show why Minecraft servers are great. Your comments have no relevance to the issue at hand: impending EULA changes/increased enforcement.

    I acknowledged many times that mods are one of the great things the community has done for the community. Bukkit is a mod. In the video, I say that you can't, as a COMPLETELY new player, install client side mods your first day. That's a lot of work, and not easy for the average Minecraft player for you to do. Typing in an address is something a friend can tell you, and in seconds you can be playing together. Maybe I'm wrong, it's my personal perspective :) You don't know how much any networks make. And, whatever they make, everyone knows they make money - again why are you saying this? The point of the video is to show why for-profit servers are good. Did you watch the whole video?

    Maybe there is - not the point of the video...

    Hmm. Okay, that's an opinion.

    I am not trying to desperately defend my video, but I feel most of your points indicate you did not watch the entire video or did not watch it objectively. I tried to response to each part of your pot as best as I could, but I think most of your complaints are not for this video. Again, my only goal is to show why Minecraft (for-profit) servers are great for the game as a whole. This doesn't mean I don't appreciate the other influential communities - I love them too!
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  4. The only view I care about is someone from Mojang :D Not sure how to get 'em to see it...gonna try using Twitter a bit later...

    EDIT: Thanks to those who have started sharing it on Twitter already <3
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  5. Absolutely breath-taking
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  6. Touche. However, you intimate many times that the features that for-profit servers offer require their profit.
    You're not understanding the logic here. First, you show how Mojang has been supportive of YouTube'rs and recognize their distinct role in the success of their product. Second, you show how server owners are quite similar in importance to YouTuber'rs. Finally, you suggest that Mojang is being hypocritical here. That is, they should support server owners who offer them just as much if not more than YouTube'rs do. The equivocation is false, therefore the conclusion is false.
    It has EVERY relevance. You spend a good deal of time talking about how the growth of servers, and even still Bungee has enabled large servers and server networks. Yet you fail to point out that profit had nothing to do with the development of Bungee. Therefore, Mojang could rightly assert that large server networks could exist without the vast sums of money being thrown behind the servers that use them. It again, undermines the thesis that FOR-PROFIT servers are not only great, but are worthy of Mojang's support. This point hasn't been proven.

    It's actually quite easy to do. With modded launchers today its as simple as picking the modpack from a dropdown list. I do know that networks make on the order of millions per year. Smaller servers have already admitted to making on the order of 50k a month. It's arguable that larger servers make much, much more than that.

    The point that for-profit servers offer something that can't be offered without profit still has yet to be made.
    Eh, it kinda is. You're trying to make the case that for-profit servers offer something that can't be offered without profit. I'm repeating myself here, but the fact that mods offer possibly more than server plugins undermines the thesis that for-profit servers offer something that can't be offered otherwise.
    Not really; I've categorically dismantled your argument. You make a great case for the server and server owner, you've failed to make the case for the FOR PROFIT server.
    I watched the full video. You did a great job outlining why minecraft servers are great. You didn't make the case for the for-profit server.
  7. @obscurehero Alright, we can talk later about this :) I still think you are reading into things for reasons I can't understand, but it seems as though most people think the video did a fairly good job on it's goal. For now, let's stay focused on the immediate problem at hand. If you'd like to discuss this further feel free to PM me :)
  8. It's a great video; It's a must watch for anyone who likes to hate on the server owner. That said, I'll stand by my position that the case for the 'for-profit' model hasn't really been made. They aren't a necessity. Minecraft will endure without free2play but pay2win.

    However, great work - I appreciate your humility and respectful approach to this. Unlike others you've really put your effort into the cause, not just slacktivism. Kudos.
  9. Send this to mousing ;3
  10. who's mousing?
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  11. Quality video.
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  12. Config


    This is the best video I've seen about this so far, great job.
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  13. u're*
  14. Just about 3k views! Not bad, thanks guys! From what I've heard from people, at least someone from Mojang has seen it. If you haven't already, feel free to try to send it to some Mojang employees yourself, even though it might be a little late already.
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  15. Great video @treestompz ! Really hope this makes an impact on Mojang's final decision.
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  16. Tried to show him it.
    [3:12:18 AM] Erik Broes: Zoppp: seen it, doesn't make a difference, just because 'it has been this way' doesn't mean it will 'be that way'
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  17. Nice job on the video! Couldn't have put it better myself.
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  18. That's the most grum thing I've ever heard -facepalm-
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  19. Thanks for the support guys. At this point I am just hoping Mojang will finally respond to Sterling's letter.

    PS: the video got featured on The Guardian and Polygon. All this publicity and Mojang just doesn't really acknowledge this community's concerned with their proposed EULA :/
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