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  1. okay so im running a server, And it has 16gb ram. I recently looked into view distance, I changed it in spigot.yml and it says view-distance=15 upon startup in consol. I need to know if I'm doing somthing wrong because no matter what I can only see players from roughly 64 blocks away (6 chunks) no matter if I put it to 1,7,10,13 or 15... I have tried this local host and on my accuall gg hosted server! Please help
  2. I already tried both settings… I looked there… I tried my server with no plugins...
  3. entity-tracking-range:
    players: <insert number here>
  4. Thanks, I will give that a try! Do you know the max? For that?
  5. I didn't try to blow up my server so no...
    I tried 96 before and it worked still fine, however, there is a client limit on how far a player should be before it is not rendered, so the limitation might be set because of the client.
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    Limitation is 64 blocks.
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  7. Well I’m at 150… and we are going fine so I think we are okay THANKS SO MUCH Guys!
  8. Is that the client-side limitation?
    Btw, the client-side limitation did not exist or was very large in version 1.7 and earlier.
  9. I think it is 240.
    With client you can set it up to 32 chunks. There are 16 blocks in a chunk. Meaning 512 blocks. The maximum you can set in is 15. (I think) meaning 240 blocks.
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  11. 16x15=240
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