Spigot View Distance Tweaks [1.14-1.17] 1.3.4

Dynamic per-world view distances, giving a better balance of gameplay and performance.

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    ViewDistanceTweaks [1.14-1.15] - Dynamic per-world view distances, giving a better balance of gameplay and performance.

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  2. Hi, i love the idea of the plugin, this remember me to other plugin of that style.
    You can do a option for that the viewdistance change for each player depending of their ping?
  3. Hey, this would be a very nice feature which I would like to add at some point, however it is not currently possible to set per-player view distances in 1.15 (or in 1.14). Hopefully Paper re-implements this sometime soon, in which case I will probably add this as a feature
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  4. It is a shame that it is not possible at the moment, there was a plugin that did this in versions before 1.14
    Thank you very much, hopefully in the future you can and add it :)
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  5. I couldn't seem to get it to work the way it should, I've set it to load about 3000 chunks, but for some reason, worlds with no players in it are also loading chunks and increaesing as the view distance increase, and the chunks loaded over there seems to be not counted towards the total chunk count and lags the server.
  6. Am I required to change any server configuration files?

    Like the Built-In View Distance setting?
  7. hey this is great idea/concept and i wish it would work for me. im on 1.15.2 spigot but i get "An internal error occured while attempting to perform this command"
  8. Upgrade to Java 11, and use a new paper fork called Tuinity. Tuinity [Jenkins]
  9. This seems to not be working in the latest version, I will pay for an updated version!
  10. Hey, in what way is it not working for you? Make sure you've gone into the config and set enabled to true, that sometimes catches people
  11. I get weird chunk loading errors when returning to the overworld from the nether, does anybody know a solution to this: https://i.imgur.com/0q4Zx1f.png

    It just stays like this and those chunks never load
  12. Don't suppose you're using Tuinity? Using the no-tick view distance and this plugin will produce that kind of effect
  13. Nope, just normal paper. Could it maybe be due to having too low of a global-chunk-count-target and thus going over the limit when going back to the overworld?
  14. This is a great resource. I agree with many of the other players as to TPS based rather than player count. This is because different players load different things, and some things such as mob grinders cause more TPS drops than other player activities. View distance is currently modulated by the player count.

    I don't have the expertise necessary to accomplish this, but if you could consider modifying this plugin to be based on TPS, For example, each incremental decreasing/increasing of radius, interval between the change, and the TPS parameters, I'm sure I would not be the only one forking out my wallet for you.

    The issue really stems here. We have a spawn area that is very vast and wide, and it's so nice to be able to see all of it in it's glory. If we have 1 person on, they can have a 10-12 render distance or more. The more players that join, the smaller the distance gets, even if we are all sharing the same chunks, meaning each additional player just causes the distance to drop needlessly.

    Great plugin nonetheless, but please do consider making a branch for TPS based, or implement it into the current plugin, and make it configurable if the plugin will make modifications based on the either server load or player capacity(current). Thanks.
  15. Hi, for some reason the plugin ignores what I put in the config and drops the view distance down to 2, meaning the loaded chunks are 1685 (max set to 2000). In the config the minimum distance is set to 6, any ideas as to what is going on here?
  16. I don't think that should be causing issues. The effect you're seeing would pop up if the client think that the server's view distance is lower than it really is, and so it discards chunks it doesn't think it needs, meanwhile the server thinks the client can still see them. The only way I could really think of this happening is if the view distance changes midway between you switching worlds, but I'll have to look into it more

    I think I will add an option to have it based on TPS. The only thing holding me back is finding a nice system for doing this that doesn't cause a back-and-forth effect of TPS drops -> view distance drops -> TPS rises -> view distance rises -> TPS drops -> ...

    Could you share the contents of your config.yml? Can't see anything in the code that will cause this to happen as it always ensures the value is between the minimum and maximum view distance before setting it
  17. So the plugin works great for me but would it be possible to also adjust the mob spawn range according to the view distance?
    From what i gathered it seems the spawn range should always be 1 chunk below the view distance, otherwise mob spawning gets really weird when the view distance changes.
  18. I'm not sure, but I think the server does a sanity-check on the spawn / tracking / etc. ranges to make sure that they are less than the view distance. I'd have to look into it more but I don't think it is necessary to adjust them
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