Bukkit Village Defense [1.11-1.13.2] 4.0.0

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  1. De todas formas no te recomiendo usar la traducción actual, esta muy bugeada y con muchos errores, ya la actualice, solo falta que Plajer saque la nueva versión estable.
  2. Your plugins, build battle and village defense are messing with worlds...

    They generate always a world named "world"

    And I think they also mess with my void world generators somehow, https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/voidgenerator.25391/, I think your plugins start to taking over and these void worlds start generating land... which they shouldnt..., this happens after a server restart.
  3. this is default server world name and its generated by server itself.

    nothing to do with my plugin.
  4. It is your plugin....

    My default world is not "world", also.... if it isnt your plugin, then tell me why If I remove your plugin and delete the world "world" after the server restart, this "world" is not generated anymore? also my void worlds behave the way they should...

    Edit: and to add, this world is not even in my Multiverse Worlds.yml
  5. check arenas.yml if you dont have any arenas created that you dont fully configured/use.

    default arenas locations are set to "world" world.
  6. Well I found a workaround, but I also had to delete all the configs from Village Defense.

    One question, does village defense enhacements work on version 4 ?

    Edit: Well after reconfiguring again village defense, the world "world" shows up again...lol

    I had this on the arenas.yml, and after removing it, the "world" stopped generating, any idea what it is ?

    ArenaIn[email protected]:
    - world,7,70,-13,0.0,0.0
    [email protected]:
    - world,8,70,-13,0.0,0.0
    #386 Blackyvk, Dec 31, 2018
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2018
  7. Hello, if you're interested in faster fix for this world generation problem you can join our discord server and contact me, I'll release beta version there with your fix.

    Version 4 is not ready with enhancements addon but will be ready once version 4 will be released as stable version :).
  8. I am using mysql database. A table is created, but the data from the games there is not filled.
    What am I doing wrong ?
    Version 4.0.0b-pre-5
  9. Is it possible to make it so that players can place block during a game, and then get it to reset the arena to normal when the game is finished?
    - Tia
  10. No you cannot place blocks in this game, only oak doors in place of broken ones and barriers from Blocker kit.
  11. Is it something you would consider making an option in the config? It would really mean a lot for my server if players were able to place or break blocks during a game, so that they are able to make a defense for the villagers themselves :)
    - thx
  12. nope won't do whole arena regeneration system
  13. Not asking for the regeneration system, just for the possibility of placing blocks. Found a way to regenerate the arena
  14. You found a way but 99% of other users will not.
  15. Its quite easy. But besides that, im not a developer myself, but i would imagine its would be quite easy to add an option to make players able to place and break blocks compared to all the other features you have made for this plugin. If it comes to it, i could pay you for adding this feature :)

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