Villager Bar Plugin

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  1. Hello,

    Can anyone give me a list (with links preferably) of different bar type plugins? Something similar to this one.
    I want to be able to configure everything. Names, lores, pricings, prizes, and chances per drink. Most plugins I've seen don't offer these. :(

    Please and thank you.

    - Slayer
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  2. Can't you just google VIllager Bar? Honestly it's not that hard.
  3. I'm not an idiot. If I had found something on Google, I wouldn't have wasted my time making this thread. There's a reason I added this sentence to the post.

    I figured it'd be easier to ask an entire community. Maybe someone has wanted what I wanted an may have an insight on where I should look. But I see now that I wasted my time anyway. Should've known better than to ask this community. Everyone here gives ignorantly obvious or sarcastically stupid answers. The only way to get help seems to be to throw some money around.

    But I'll pretend to take your advice and do what I've been doing from the start and continue to check google.

    Thanks. :)

    If a mod could lock this, that'd be wonderful. No point wasting more time.