Villager behavior

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by phospholipid, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. I run a server and I've had a few complaints about villager behavior, specifically the grouping behavior. Is there a way to make the villagers less likely to clump together. I've seen a lot of folks complaining about this behavior, going back some years.

    One chap found a village in a valley. He slowly expanded it and the village grew to an impressive size. He wanted a large population but also wanted it to be decorative, to fit with the game world (so, not an iron form, for example). I used VillageInfo to find that it was counting more than 600 doors across a relatively small area. He was aware of the tendency of villagers to cluster, so he had a clever plan to use alternating rows of complete and empty farms to lure farmers away from the center. That worked for a little while. But, ultimately the villager gravity peaked and they all formed a giant clot of villagers around one building. It was ugly and annoying. And once they collapsed around each other, the door cont dropped from 600+ to 200, and then the population started to sputter. He would have loved to have seen his village grow and the villagers use all available resources within the radius, instead of aggregating and, staying close, and then losing door count.

    Is there way way in the server or via a plugin to tweak villager behavior so they are less inclined to aggregate like that?